Hugs and Kisses -Sam Hay and Emma Dodd

This heartwarming tale of two sea creatures in need of affection is a massive hit in our house.

This book has two covers, flip over for Wiggly Octopus’ Story

Octopus? Whale? Pop up pages? Adorable illustrations? The book is already a winner in the girls’ eyes BUT it also has lashings of heart and the twin narrative is particularly outstanding for helping preschool to KS1 aged children grasp empathy especially as they are still developing the concepts of people other than themselves having equally complex feelings, hopes, dreams and ouchies.

This book has two covers, flip over for Big Blue Whale’s Story

Wiggly Octopus has banged her head playing and desperately needs a kiss to make it better but all her fishy friends are too scared of getting that close because of her tentacles and suckers.

Big Blue Whale is lonely and wishes he had someone to hug but try as they might no one is quite big enough to really feel it.

Then Big Blue whale swims by the abandoned shipwreck…

The two lonely creatures meet in the middle of the book!

Emma Dodd’s delightful illustrations are gorgeous playful and full of childlike whimsy and we love the layering of different textures adding depth and Octopus’ dappled black outlines give the impression of the wiggly movements underwater

Both Tinyfae (2) and Littlefae (5) ADORE this book and it has been read several times over every day since arriving in our home. Tinyfae loves ‘OTTaPus’ so a book including one is amazing to her and Littlefae is fascinated by the two tales meeting in the middle and it has helped us explore lots of ideas about storytelling and how with friendship (and sisters!) the idea of reciprocity and how others may need you as much as you need them.

We highly recommend this book and can see it being a favourite for some years to come.

Hugs and Kisses by Sam Hay and Emma Dodd is published by Egmont and available from all good bookstores and online.

I received this book for free through a review scheme with no obligation or payment- this has not affected my opinion.

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