Around the World in 80 Ways: illustrated by Katie Halford

A frequent voice of frustration in the world of children’s books in particular is #PicturesmeanBusiness and how illustrators and other visual artists don’t get the proper credit for the contribution their work makes to a book.

That’s why is so great here to see the illustrator Katie Halford on the cover as this is a beautifully illustrated book where the pictures are what counts and where much of the learning takes place.

This is a pretty brilliant book for children who love cars and other vehicles but also is good at showing different periods in time, habitats and how different methods of transport have arisen to meet the challenges, available technology or needs of the situation or environment.

Ranging from ancient forms of transport up to space travel it covers many different situations including up mountains, in parks, down rivers and across the sky.

Each of the 80 forms of transport is accompanied by at least one short paragraph and a few such as Hot Air Balloons and Camels have a few paragraphs spread across a double page.

The art is in a lovely clean style with graphic block colours and sweet smiling faces, it’s a happy joyful book to explore.

This books is great for exploring transportation and habitat topics especially for when discussing adaptation to traverse the environment.

Littlefae and Tinyfae have enjoyed looking through this, with Littlefae enjoying repeating facts she has discovered and Tinyfae naming and building her vocabulary.

This would make a fabulous addition particularly to school libraries and KS1 primary classrooms

Around the World in 80 Ways illustrated by Katie Halford words by Henrietta Drane is published by DK and available from all good bookstores and online.

I received this book for free through a review scheme with no obligation or payment- this has not affected my opinion.

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