Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly book blogging initiative hosted by The Artsy Reader Girl with new themes each week.

As a new blogger I’ve seen quite a few blogs participating in the Top Ten Tuesday and although I’m loathe to look like I’m copying others as I wholly respect so many awesome bloggers and reviewers, I really hope that I will be welcome to join in.

I’m joining in the hope that this will help me get into a rhythm of regular posting and inspiring thinking as I begin to grow my blog from a scramble of ideas and books.

The Ten Most Recent Additions to my TBR List

As our reading covers myself and the Fae the books will have a wide spread of genres, age range and interests!

Most of these books are purchased and some are provided free of charge (marked *gifted here) through review schemes with no obligation and their appearances are not sponsored in anyway.

1. Bee Boy: The Curse of the Vampire Mites– Tony De Saulles (OUP out 7th February)

Littlefae has been a fan of the highly illustrated early chapter BeeBoy books since the debut and has been looking forward to the third instalment so much that we travelled to Waterstones Uxbridge to pick up a early release copy on the way to my in-laws!

2. National Trust: Look and Say. What you see in the Town- Sebastian Braun (Nosy Crow 2018)

Tinyfae is OBSESSED with search and find books such as her sister’s Unicorns, Migloo and Where’s Wally. I wanted to get something like the old Usborne Search and Find books but they’ve all been replaced with sticker books but this from Nosy Crow looks a fabulous option!

3. The Moonshine Dragon- Cornelia Funke illustrated by Monica Armiño (Little Gems – Barrington Stoke 2014)

After putting a call out on Book Twitter for highly illustrated early chapter books for help Littlefae move towards longer books lots of people recommended the Little Gems series from Barrington Stoke. Littlefae was excited by the idea of books coming to life and dragons so this was a perfect fit.

4. Lightning Chase me Home – Amber Lee Dodd (Scholastic 2019)

After reading lots of praise for this Amber Lee Dodd I’ve been looking forward to this one. The Scottish set magical adventure also fits nicely with the accidental reading themes of British and Irish mythology and The Sea that I seem to have embraced recently!

5. The Closest Thing to Flying – Gill Lewis (OUP 7th February) *gifted

I am really looking towards the dual narrative here of girls trying to find themselves in confusing and changing times. Semira the modern day young girl always looking over her shoulder for the man who brought her and her mother to England; and Hen in 1891 whose stifled world is being opened up by her vivacious Aunt Kitty.

6. The Midnight Hour- Benjamin Read and Laura Trinder (Chicken House 2019)

I was introduced to this book by Twitter and was so excited to pick it up when collecting my early release copy of A Pinch of Magic from Waterstones. Based on the authors’ graphic novel, at the Midnight Hour Victorian London becomes frozen in time and the realm of the Night Folk, Emily must battle to save her missing parents and all worlds armed with her wits, mouth, a stowaway hedgehog and sandwiches.

7. Deep Water- Lu Hersey (Usborne 2015)

Again fitting my unintentional reading themes of The Sea and British Isles Mythology comes a Middle Grade retelling of Cornish legend where young Danni finds there is much more to her when she and her father move to a tiny Cornish fishing village to the horror of locals.

This story grasped me so much I ended up having to track down a second hand copy.

8. The Boy who grew dragons- Andy Shepherd illustrated by Sara Ogilvie (Piccadilly Press 2018)

Ive had my eye on this book since it came out and gave been suggesting it to Littlefae for ages! I admit we have started reading this but it’s too good to miss off the list!

9. There is no dragon in this story- Lou Carter illustrated by Deborah Allwright (Bloomsbury 2017)

When Tinyfae decided she wanted a dragon book to match her sister’s this book is what she chose to come home with us.

10. The Lie Tree – Francis Hardinge (reissue & new cover Macmillan 2018 -orig published 2015)

This is a wild card my husband chose at random for me from the YA table at our Waterstones to fill up a buy one get one half price offer but from the story and accolades sounds right up my street.

Have you read any of these books? What did you think?

What are your latest additions to your TBR lists?

6 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. There’s No Dragon in this Story is fab, also I can highly recommend Dragon Post by Emma Yartlett if you’re after any more dragon-y books! I really enjoyed The Lie Tree, but preferred A Skinful of Shadows by her – if you enjoy Lie Tree, definitely try that one! I’m looking forward to reading The Midnight Hour and The Closest Thing to Flying too.

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