POP up Peekaboo Unicorn-DK Books

Unicorns are still a huge trend, embraced by both girls and boys and showing no signs of stopping.

We do enjoy the magical and mystical and love the fact that it’s become very mainstream and accessible in children’s books so this was certainly on target for us.

This is such a gorgeous book from DK, their excellent production values have certainly been used to strength here with a team of artists, illustrators, crafters and a paper engineer joining words to delight small children about different unicorns and possibly inspire home craft to recreate the book.

The book concerns unicorns playing and introducing in turn to a new friend. Each unicorn has a happy name and a colour for example Daydream the blue unicorn or Sunshine the Yellow unicorn. This is great for building vocabulary in toddlers and excellent for learning pastels too.

My daughters both adore unicorns and both adore this book, the text is simple and repetitive Littlefae happily read this to Tinyfae without hesitation or prompting and they both delighted in the pop ups all hidden behind craft decorated flaps with Tinyfae working on her prediction of what’s behind the flap ‘Peekaboo!’.

The fact it’s encouraged peer reading is excellent so is a big bonus in my mind

The art is a mix of illustrated backgrounds and photographed craft pieces with toy unicorns (play dough/FIMO I’m not sure) surrounded by recycled material castles, fabric flowers and cloud cushions.

I’m inspired to bring this book to our arts learning.

Concreting the difference between colours for Tinyfae and exploring differences between brights and pastels for Littlefae.

On a more hands on level we can have Littlefae recreate rainbows and unicorns from sparkly pastel play dough whilst Tinyfae smushes and uses a unicorn cookie cutter to build her fine motor skills.

We can also use felt scraps and buttons to make their own flowers using glue and make use of the recyclables plus tempura paint to make their own castle.

This makes it a great interactive learning book for both home and EYFS nurseries and classrooms.

Pop-up Peekaboo Unicorn is published by DK Books and is available to purchase from all good bookshops and online from February 7th 2019.

I received this book for free through a review scheme with no obligation or payment- this has not affected my opinion.

One thought on “POP up Peekaboo Unicorn-DK Books

  1. We were given quite a few of this series of books when Peapod was born and I’m a big fan – plenty to talk about, look at, count, lift the flaps etc. Not sure I’ll be getting the unicorn one (I think the only unicorn book I REALLY like is Sophie Johnson: Unicorn Expert – if you haven’t read it, do!) but I can definitely see the appeal for unicorn fans like yours!

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