Little Spotlights: Owls of Blossom Wood- Catherine Coe

After the response to the Top Ten Tuesday- Gems with under 1,000 ratings post was immensely positive, it was suggested this is a great thing and I agree.
I found it immensely difficult to choose from so many that were under represented so I have decided to make spotlighting a regular fixture.

The Owls Of Blossom Wood by Catherine Coe

Cover illustration by Andrew Farley, internal illustrations by Renée Kurilla

Age group:
Young Reader/Early Chapter
Key Words: Friendship, Owls, Problem-Solving

Littlefae says:

I love this book!! I LOVE that the children turn into owls!! My favourite girl is Alex because she is the smallest owl but being small doesn’t matter, she is really clever and can fly first!!

The Owls Of Blossom Wood is an adorable series of Magical Adventure based around three friends who find they can turn into owls and visit a magical wood where they help the creatures there and in this story to save the Moon Chestnut tree but not using magic instead using problem solving and knowledge.

The language is accessible for children making that jump to independent reading around 6-8 and the gorgeous illustrations by Renée Kurilla are sweet and playful but full of wonder.
There is also a lovely Did you Know? section at the back to point out relevant nature and animal facts from the story.

We were kindly gifted a copy of this book Before Christmas by Catherine Coe herself ❤️ after she heard Littlefae was going through a rough time with mean girls. Littlefae was so delighted by the book and it’s focus on friendship and kindness that it truly lifted her and made her realise that it’s friends that matter not those who are choosing unkindness.

I am so grateful that books can do that. We’ve been purchasing more in the series as a result.

The Owls Of Blossom Wood by Catherine Coe is published by Scholastic and available online and from bookstores.

What do you think of the idea behind this post?

4 thoughts on “Little Spotlights: Owls of Blossom Wood- Catherine Coe

  1. This is a great idea, look forward to seeing what else you choose to showcase!
    Sorry to hear how your getting this book came about – poor LittleFae, how horrid – but glad she enjoyed it! I like the idea of the Did You Know section at the back.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Yes we’re still working on mean girls but books are something that has really helped her with building up her sense of worth.
      I hope that this series may bring some books we love into people’s notice and perhaps to remember,
      read or recommend them too.

      Liked by 1 person

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