Princess Poppy Please Please Save the Bees – Janey Louise Jones & Jennie Poh

Princess Poppy is back and rebranded through Eden Cooper, author Janey-Louise-Jones’ venture with a focus on ethical, compassionate and environmentally aware books of quality.

When I picked this up from our local independent bookstore, I was pleased to find that Princess Poppy Please Please Save the Bees isn’t a tale about a fairytale princess waving a magic wand over a single hive, she is a kind and spirited girl doing what she can to create grassroots change, and that’s exactly the kind of role model I want my daughters to see.

As a family who believes in supporting bees, as we are beekeepers too this was a perfect addition to our collection with its balance of story and natural science.

Illustrations by Jennie Poh, Editorial direction by Stephanie Stahl and art direction and design by Rachel Lawston

Everyone around Princess Poppy talks about the decline of bees but no one tells her why, how or what she can do to help. Determined to help, Princess Poppy seeks out someone who will talk to her and finds out about bumblebees, honeybees and how we can help to support them and other pollinators.

But knowing isn’t enough Poppy wants everyone to know and take action and so plans the best way to do her bit to help save the bees.

Princess Poppy is a wonderful character, she’s not a ‘Princess’ as in lives in a castle or a family member rules by royal decree, she’s an ordinary girl but with a mindset like Sara Crewe in that ‘I am a Princess. All girls are.’

She’s kind, she’s thoughtful, curious and spurred into action to find out more about the decline of bees and how to change things.

She happens to like ponies and twinkly things too and that’s ok and opens up a dialogue with girls who like these things too. The balance between these sweet and traditionally feminine pursuits with a steely determination to discover and affect change shows that girls who wear pink and are girly can be indomitable girls of action too.

The illustrations by Jennie Poh are just exquisite, beautiful line and watercolour, playful splashes of colour speaking in colour choices and tones to extend and add further emotions to the story. The entire book is a visually stunning production thanks to beautiful Art direction and design by Rachel Lawston.

The educational information in the book is brilliant, just enough to help lay out the reasoning but not too confusing for the target age group. In addition there is a whole section at the back with accessible facts and action points to help readers to protect bees and pollinators.

A lovely little addition is the excellent little search and find of garden, meadow and hedgerow creatures too which helps remind us of the value and presence of wildlife that need protecting too. Tinyfae particularly adores pointing out and naming the creatures as we read along.

Tinyfae loves Princess Poppy and almost knows it by heart.

Whilst Littlefae enjoyed this book, it is fast becoming Tinyfae’s favourite book, I have to read this to her at least twice a day and she will also get her daddy or my mum to read it to her too!

Tinyfae is very much a flower-child, she loves the garden, animals, being in nature and any books to do with these things! She feels very strongly about this book and that is a wonderful thing.
She would like everyone to know there are two sparrows in the book on different pages and she’s very proud of herself for finding them both.

This is a publisher we would very much support, the book is beautiful, thoughtful and educational in a compassionate and achievable manner. We will certainly be looking out for the next Princess Poppy adventure Fantastic, No Plastic and other books by this publisher.

Princess Poppy Please, Please Save the Bees by Janey Louise Jones and Illustrated by Jennie Poh is published by Eden Cooper and available online and through bookshops.


4 thoughts on “Princess Poppy Please Please Save the Bees – Janey Louise Jones & Jennie Poh

  1. Good work spotting the sparrows TinyFae!
    I’m so, so glad you enjoyed this as I know how much you were looking forward to it.
    It really does look visually stunning and sounds like a brilliantly thought out, written and put together book. I’ll let you know when I’ve got hold of a copy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was absolutely worth it, wish I’d known there was a hardback version when I ordered from the bookshop as this is a treasure for Tinyfae.
      I’m looking forward to what else Eden Cooper produce as this is a beauty on so many levels.

      Liked by 1 person

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