Top Ten Tuesday: Wish you were Here Bookwandering edition.

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly book blogging initiative hosted by The Artsy Reader Girl with new themes each week.

This weeks theme is Places Mentioned In Books That I’d Like to Visit.

Now as I read childrens books and lots are fantastical realms so I decided to run with it, plus being as I recently read Pages & Co: Tilly and the Book Wanderers, I got totally inspired by the idea of a fantasy Book Wandering travel company.

1.Pages & Co, North London from Pages & Co by Anna James

To begin our adventures we must first of all Bookwander and of course as the Librarian explains, most bookwandering happens in Libraries or Bookshops so our excursions will begin by a visit to this cosy multi-floored emporium of Magic and wonder. Refreshments can be procured from the little cafe where Jack creates his beautiful book inspired cakes and bakes to inspire and satisfy your sweet cravings before your trip, and remember you can always purchase the ultimate memento of your trip, the actual book!

Day (or Night)Trips and Excursions

2.The Midnight Hour, London forever frozen 1859 from The Midnight Hour and Night Post by Benjamin Read and Laura Trinder.

Bypassing the need for perfect synchronised entry with the bongs of Big Ben there is the freedom to have a short excursion into the realm of the Night Folk. You may want to take stroll down Victorian Oxford Street and across to Piccadilly. We strongly recommend a visit to The Library if you can arrange a membership card, just don’t disturb the Librarian if you come across her.

More adventurous types may wish to venture to the Lido to swim with aquatic Night Folk.

3.The Frozen North, Arctic Circle from The Way Home for Wolf by Rachel Bright and Illustrated by Jim Field *gifted

Wrap up warm and bring marshmallows for topping your thermos of hot cocoa as we take you to the frozen Arctic North to see the beauty of the Aurora Borealis and maybe even hear the wolves howling nearby.

4.The Court Of the Palace Of Versailles, 10 miles outside Paris, France 1789 from Enchanteé by Gita Trelease

Come take your chance amongst the glitz and glamour of the Court of Versailles.

You will be waited on hand and foot, served only the best champagnes, the most achingly fashionable sweet treats and perfect patisserie as you wander this pleasure paradise. Cards and roulette for the chancers, starlit garden walks for the dreamers and cache-cache for the saucy something for everyone in this bacchanalian Wonderland.

5.The Sorcerers’ Bazaar from Wish for a Witch by Kaye Umansky Illustrated by Ashley King *gifted

Anything and Everything *magical* a chap can unload, Portobello Road meets Grace Brothers this spectacular magical market is the only place to get your enchanting requirements.

From the marketplace to the Menagerie of Fearsome Creatures and Exotic Birds to the Loose and Specialist Ingredients, but you can also take your time and enjoy the Fortune Teller, Bookshop and Reasonably Priced Cafe on the second Floor.

6.The Enchanted Wood, Magic Faraway Tree and lands thereabove from the Magic Faraway Tree books by Enid Blyton

Make sure you pack a small overnight bag with a range of clothing options as we cannot guarantee the climate or conditions of the Land above the Faraway Tree at any time.

Have drinks and pop cakes with Silky the Fairy, visit the Land of the Day and ride down the chute after a chat with Moonface- maybe even have a wander through the Enchanted Wood after.

Longer stays

7.A train excursion across the Union from The Train to Impossible Places by PG Bell *gifted

This special luxury sleeper train service in the style of Earth’s Orient Express pausing at various destinations allowing you to take in the sights of The Union Of Impossible Places.

From the Splendour of Wolfhaven to the Pecorous Western Fenlands, enjoy the sugar white beaches and turquoise seas of the Topaz Narrows and the ‘Statue’ Gardens Of the Obsidian Tower in the Crepusculan Wastes.

We will have a stopover in Trollville to enjoy the engineering spectacular of the Forth Bridge, see the sights in the Overside and enjoy an authentic troll experience in a cosy yet boutique B&B on the Underside.

8.Nevermoor from Nevermoor and Wunderstruck by Jessica Townsend

Please ensure you have a special visa before travelling to Nevermoor.

Stay at the Hotel Deucalion, the best establishment in the city, experience the sensory joy of the Smoking Room and unbeatable evening entertainments or seek out the adrenaline-filled spectaculars of the Trollosseum.

Ride the Brolly rail for convenient and ‘reasonably reliable’ public transport around town.

Take a row boat or punt along the river Juro in Ogden-on-Juro. Take in the cultural delights of Old Town from the Royal Lightning Palace to the Gobleian Library, the Nevermoor Opera House to the gates to the Wondrous Society Campus.

Come in Summer for the Nevermoor Bazaar, at Hallowmas for the Black Parade and Christmas for the Battle Of St Nick and the Yule Queen in Courage Square.

9.The Kingdoms from Amelia Fang stories by Laura Ellen Anderson

This trip will take in a tour of the Kingdoms of the Dark and Light.

We will start in Nocturnia with a delights including the Nocturnia Royal Palace and Fang Mansion, enjoy the natural delights of the Yeti Mountain Pits and Frogleg Falls before a day out at Pumpkin Paradise Park, sailing along the River Styx up to the Petrified Forest and cross over into the Kingdom of the Light.

Crossing the Meadow of Loveliness, through the Fairy Forest before catching the Rainbow Rail in Vivid Valley to Glitteropolis where you can enjoy the shopping experience, maybe a trip to the Fairyground or the spectacular of Unicorn Horn Tower before an Angel-Kitten show at McPot of Gold.

There will be an overnight stay at the Syrup Slumberlands Hotel before taking the Rainbow Rail to Twinkle Town and on to Leprechaun Lagoon where a day at Sparkle Day is an optional extra.

Finally from Dazzling Docks we will journey to Sugar Plum Island… and I’ll say no more because SPOILERS!!

10.Ankh-Morpork from the Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett.

There’s so much to do in Ankh-Morpork, Ankh-Morpork it’s a helluva town.

Have a drink in the Mended, Broken Whatever it is now Drum, AVOID ‘Cut me own Throat’ Dibbler’s Pies and instead wander the back alleys in search of that amazing Klatchian curry that doesn’t come with swede and sultanas.

Sightsee The Unseen University Tower and if possible snag a visit to the University Library, just don’t say Monkey.

Wander the cobble stoned streets and see the splendour of the City Watch Headquarters in Pseudopolis Yard, but take in the History by visiting Cable Street site of the infamous battle.

You can use the clacks to arrange further trips close by to Sto Lat, Quirm or further afield to the Ramtops such as Lancre, across the Circle Sea to Djelibabi or more exotic towards Klatch.

Where would you want to go?

What sights would you add to these trips or excursions?

A few books mentioned we received over the past 5 years for free from review schemes with no obligation nor payment. They are marked by *gifted, their appearance in this post is due to genuine choice and affection for them, not for any obligation, agreement nor fee.

12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Wish you were Here Bookwandering edition.

    1. Thank you! I thought being as most of mine were fantastical realms it would be a great starting point as it’s such a fabulous idea! (Followed back 🙂 )


    1. Thank you! Nevermoor was straight on the list, there’s such a festival mindset in the novels, always something happening before you even think about the existing plot and cultural hotspots to visit!

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