Science is Magic- Steve Mould

Littlefae loves a Science book, she can sit and read a science activity book all afternoon and make links to things we’ve done or seen already.

DK Books undoubtedly make her faevourites including the Robert Winston series and she was so excited to see a follow up to Steve Mould’s How to be a Scientist which is so brilliant for the fact you don’t need many specialist items to complete the activities and most can be completed with household items and recyclables.

This follows DK’s winning Lab and ‘How to be’ trend with a lot of science based activities but with the theme of appearing to be magic tricks with everyday objects such as empty cans, bottles of water, rice, paperclips and such.

All the magic tricks have a scientific reasoning (most are physics based) which is developed and explained within the page, and there are special pages dedicated to explaining how magic tricks are achieved scientifically or debunking ‘magical’ things such as dowsing.

I was a little concerned about whether this was a rehash of activities already covered and whether this book will have enough value for money but I to have to say I was pleasantly surprised to see only one activity repeated from our entire DK science activity collection which includes Steve Mould’s How to be a Scientist and the Dr Robert Winston branded Lab series. The repeated activity is the pencils through the bag one which to be fair is so effective and relevant that it warrants the inclusion in the magic themed science book.

Littlefae had a lot of fun with this book and enjoyed making plans on what she wants to have a go at recreating from the selection. This would make an ideal addition to any science book collection but particularly those who love magic tricks and it would make a particularly good pairing with Neil Patrick Harris’ Magical Misfits Stories.

Science is Magic by Steve Mould is published by DK Books and is available from bookshops and online from 7th March

I received this book for free as part of a review scheme, with no obligation or fee.

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