Isadora Moon has a Sleepover – Harriet Muncaster

This is such an excellent book on so many levels for young children capturing the playful imagination and wishes of many of the readers whilst offering a comfort that Isadora feels just like they do with new situations or struggling to stand up for what’s right.

Plus it has cake and sprinkles and… {whispers} Pink Rabbit *may* have a new friend!!!

All the human children in Isadora’s class are excited they have to bake and decorate a cake in pairs where the best will win tickets to the final of Sponge and Sprinkles a Bake-off style competition. Zoe is super excited and pairs up with Isadora suggesting a Sleepover to prepare and celebrate their entry.

Cleverly considering childhood anxieties and collywobbles about new experiences and balancing friendship with what’s right, Isadora embarks on her first Sleepover including magic dress up, baking cakes and storytelling… but does she go a bit too far with the cake?

This story is an excellent step forward in the series with Isadora growing in confidence to fitting in with her human friends but also in her own individuality. An important lesson for children to learn is how to enjoy friendships but not to lose themselves or make poor choices to please or fit in.

I love how Harriet has taken some genuine childhood experiences and concerns and made them accessible through Isadora’s experiences both good and not so good. From worries about sleeping away from home to being ok that every family works differently such as tv habits, beauty habits, food they like and so on Muncaster helps children ride that wave of emotions with Isadora, that to reference a Mind Body Spirit guru it’s ok to ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’.

More importantly Muncaster deals with the problem many children face of wanting to keep or please a friend but not necessarily being comfortable with what they want or the ‘if everyone jumped off a cliff’ analogy.

Whilst the lesson of not being persuaded to do things by peers was covered in Isadora Moon gets into Trouble, Sleepover takes it further into trusting your feelings, being fair and not cheating, even if that means you don’t get what you want. Both Isadora and Zoe make mistakes but they both recognise it’s important to be fair and that a true friend will want you to do the right thing. Fabulous 💗🖤💗🖤💗

The playtime scenes in this book are just beautiful and authentic, children will recognise their own games and feelings in Muncaster’s perfectly phrased and imaginative play with dress up and make believe, and fulfilling many little girls dreams of being friends with Isadora!

The bake-off element is excellent and relatable for many families! This fun and playful aspect gives a lot of scope for discussion:
🧁What kind of cake would you make?
🧁What flavours would you choose?
🧁How would you decorate it?
This is helped by the Bonus material which includes a cake decorator personality quiz and a recipe for creating your own Isadora and Zoe cake which is as always an EXCELLENT addition to the book.

Overall I have a very happy little Isadora fan, and after having such fun dressed as Honeysuckle, I think Tinyfae is falling in love with the books too!

Isadora Moon has a Sleepover by Harriet Muncaster is published by Oxford University Press.

2 thoughts on “Isadora Moon has a Sleepover – Harriet Muncaster

    1. Yes!! The bonus material is always brilliant, I think this is something that OUP does well in this age group- they do a similar thing in Anne Booth’s Magical Kingdom Of Birds and it just extends the experience further.

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