Frankly Genius Felt- lift the flap books.

If you spend any time around very young children whether your own, family, friends or for work you will know about the pains of keeping books nice.

Whilst any book 😩 can fall prey to teething mouths or clumsy hands (some of mine bear the scars of curious toddlers) I have three copies of Ten Little Pirates by Simon Rickerty and Mike Brownlow (Orchard Books) I’ve seen the most frequent casualties are lift the flap and fold up books.

An attempt to salvage a favourite book (Toddler World 123 by Pat-a-Cake) injured by enthusiastic hands

Which is awful because such sensory engaging books are exceptionally fun for very young children, but we’ve found are are also the most fragile due to moving and tactile parts

The issue with traditional lift the flap books in our experience have been mouthing (teething is a potential book killer), bending, tearing, over-excited flapping, and forgetting to fold back resulting in many a book wrecked and many families may not want or be able to waste money on a book that won’t last.
I know that I’ve hesitated and avoided buying some because I know it’s doomed.

I was lucky to be sent some lovely books by Nosy Crow to consider and I was really excited by two books had been included with Tinyfae in mind. Where’s Mr Duck by Ingela P Arrhenius and Ottie the Elephant in the Town by Melissa Crowton.

Both of these are interactive lift the flap books but instead of cardboard flaps they have used colourful felt shapes and quite frankly this is genius!!

I occasionally make the children toys from felt so I know how strong and versatile it is and the fact that the edges don’t fray is a big bonus.

These felt flaps are also so much easier for children with small hands or grip strength issues, and have added sensory experiences too from the bright colours and different surface texture.

Where’s Mr Duck is part of a series that are Fun & playful and could easily be the next ‘that’s not my’ with different creatures hiding behind the felt shapes.

Tinyfae is happy to read this over and over again and has a sly look of triumph in her face that she knows where they are which is fantastic she gets so much happiness from them!

Ottie the Elephant in the Town takes toddlers further introducing a basic narrative but with learning development opportunities such as colours, counting, developing vocabulary interspersed with lift the flaps! This is excellent for children too little to sit through a standard picture book yet by adding interest and activity to build up the stamina and focus.

These are excellent little books that have survived the initial excitement of grabby hands and excited flapping in perfect condition. I will be getting some more for the young toddlers in our family as they are simply brilliant.

Where’s Mr Duck? By Ingela P Arrhenius and Ottie the Elephant in the Town by Melissa Crowton are both published by Nosy Crow.

I received these books for free from Nosy Crow (Thank you to the team!) this has not affected my opinion, they appear here because I adore them!!

4 thoughts on “Frankly Genius Felt- lift the flap books.

    1. They are so much fun aren’t they? The newer pull, slide type books are thankfully much more sturdy board books now which is excellent though and the Fae LOVE anything moving in books!
      But lift the flap books are still usually card so these are excellent to prevent accidental damage from over excited hands. They are fabulous!

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