A Walk Through Nature- Clover Robin & Libby Walden

When I first discovered this book thanks to bloggers and twitter at the beginning of March I was immediately struck by the bright green flora and fauna studded cover.
I was so excited to win a copy from Little Tiger Group as the children and I love any book that resonates with our green-fingered nature-loving side!

It’s the perfect book to help readers recapture the wonder of Nature, and the educational value makes it a wondrous addition to home collections, school libraries and home educator shelves.

It’s absolutely jam-packed with facts organised into different habitats and the creatures that live there such as birds, ponds, the seaside, a tree, the forest floor and so much more.

This book is partly a celebration of Clover Robin’s gorgeous collage style of illustration with its boldness and textural feel.

The gatefolds to each themed page show change and continuity in the natural setting from the ebb and flow of the tide to the explosion of colour as a meadow comes into flower.
Perfectly placed cut outs give us glimpses into the world beneath from heads peeping from underground burrows and tunnels to the pace of natural decay thanks to mini beasts.

However, Libby Walden’s grace with words sets fact to verse employing a range of natural vocabulary to educate and inspire.
This is a really powerful use of words and is intended to challenge both the loss of interaction with nature modern children are experiencing and the removal of related vocabulary from the Oxford Junior Dictionary.

The fact that words are being excised from children’s dictionaries for lack of use is sad and the fact that so many are from the natural world is indicative of how estranged we are becoming from nature. Books like these are also important to encourage more children to respect and love the environment enough to save it.

Littlefae loves books like this for the exploration of words and the level of detail to pore over, she spent a long time with this book and was very proud that she already knew the words ‘chrysalis’ and ‘metamorphosis’ and has been collecting new words she has discovered and liked.

I know how lucky my children are to have access to nature and they both attend Forest School sessions. Whilst some primary schools offer limited Forest School experiences, there are still so many children who do not have this and so books that can help immerse their imaginations in the beauty and wonder of the ever changing natural world are so powerful and a necessary tool.

Overall this is a gorgeous and beautifully immersive book exploring the daily wonders that happen quietly throughout nature inspiring children to stop, literally smell the flowers and observe the world around them.

A Walk Through Nature by Clover Robin and Libby Walden is published by Caterpillar Books an imprint of Little Tiger Group and available to buy now online and from good bookstores.

I won a copy of this book to review, opinions are all my own I utterly adore this gorgeous and inspiring book.

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