Reflections on March

Our monthly update with reflections and achievements.


On the Blog even if it’s small fry for more established bloggers, I’ve hit a big milestone for me, I can’t believe I’ve actually got 100 subscribers on WordPress!! 💗

Thank you 💗 to each and every one who has pressed follow!! 💗
And thank you 💗 so much to everyone who acknowledges or reads this blog and thank you 💗 especially to likes and comments that help me find where I’m going right and where I could wiggle some changes!
I’m still finding my feet but I think I’m beginning to find a path.

This month I’ve struggled with sleep and anxiety over some things, some the usual self-doubt and parenting collywobbles; Littlefae turning 6 and emotions with that; and partially thanks to Tinyfae I’ve had several sleepless nights as she refused to go to sleep until proper morning!!

But I’ve still managed to make a 3 tier, 3 flavours Isadora Moon Cake- it’s not Instagram worthy but Littlefae was very pleased with it!!!

A picture of a homemade cake with amateur applied fondant icing decorated in pink and black with an Isadora Moon Theme
Yes it’s slightly leaning, the fondant is a bit wibbly between the tiers but I made it from scratch and Littlefae loved it.

I’ve managed to read some awesome books, been sent 💗 some amazing books such as The Dragon in the Library by Louie Stowell which I was so excited about and is so fantastic MG adventure I am so excited about this being a series.
I was also so very lucky to win a proof of The Garden Of Lost Secrets by A.M Howell which after reading, I’ve found it so wonderful and evocative of great children’s literature, a twist of Downton Abbey but still fresh and modern it is going straight into my long term Faevorites.

In March I’ve read 16 Books

My current GoodReads Challenge stands at 51/52 books which is SO Frustrating that I am one book off my target!!

Though makes it very clear I underestimated my reading capabilities!!

My reading Faevorites from the month

A pile of my favourite books from March to match the bulletin point list

Is huge- I’ve read so many awesome books this month, a few of which aren’t out until May or June!

  • The Dragon in the Library -Louie Stowell (review to come)
  • Nocturna- Maya Motayne (review to come!!)
  • EverDark- Abi Elphinstone (World Book Day title)
  • Scavengers– Darren Simpson
  • Viper – Bex Hogan
  • The Paper & Hearts Society- Lucy Powrie (review to come)
  • Murder Most Unladylike- Robin Stevens (finally!!!!)
  • Max The Detective Cat– Sarah Todd Taylor Illustrations by Nicola Kinnear (review to come as part of Annaliese Avery’s April Bingo)
  • The Garden Of Lost Secrets by A.M Howell (review to come)

In April I am hoping to:


Littlefae turned 6 this month!!! I can’t believe it! I looked back at some of her favourite picture books since she was a baby.

We went to the Cotswolds Wildlife Safari Park on the day to celebrate, we were going to go to Warwick Castle but Littlefae is desperate to do the Princess Tower and it isn’t open in the week until Spring Half Term.

Two little girls in puddle suits looking out from a bridge

Littlefae also lost two teeth this month, including her first ‘two front teeth’ tooth on Mother’s Day- despite having lost teeth already she is mortified at this one!!

Littlefae’s reading is really fluent and expressive now, she still lacks a little confidence tackling new words of 4 or more syllables, though her vocabulary retention is excellent, which means she doesn’t pause as many times as she thinks she will. However she has stepped back from early readers to preferring Picture Books over the last few months.

I have to stop and reframe constantly, just because I had read The Famous Five collection by her age she doesn’t mean she has to, will do or more importantly says nothing about HER abilities. She reads several picture books every day and loves to be read to and there’s so much one-upmanship in parenting I need to step back and be kinder.

Faevorite of the Month

Lucy Anne Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables retold by Stephanie Clarkson Illustrated by Annabel Tempest (Gibbs M Smith Ltd)

In April Littlefae is looking forward to:

  • Little Cloud by Anne Booth & Sarah Missini (Egmont)
  • One Stop Story Shop By Tracey Corderoy & Tony Neal (Little Tiger Press)
  • Going to Warwick Castle and enjoying the Princess Tower for my dad’s birthday celebration.


Oh my goodness Tinyfae has made massive improvements this month!!

Her talking is much more structured and expressive; this can be lovely when she’s describing but her tantrums also have more pizzazz!

She’s picked up a habit from her sister of making up songs to describe what she’s doing or where she is which is adorable.

Small girl looks through leaves and forest debris with a magnifying glass

She started going to a toddler-preschooler Forest School session at the same place that Littlefae goes to and it’s a lovely calm and welcoming space. Tinyfae has been enjoying herself thoroughly and doesn’t do her ‘shy-grumpy’ routine as much as usual she’s friendly and chatty with both the adults and children- it’s been well worth the money and effort!!

Of course the developments have come with a price and that’s been disturbed sleep and Potty training is a working project with good days and bad days.

I’m hoping to get hold of Meekoo and the Big Red Potty by Camilla Reid and Nicola Slater (Nosy Crow) which is released April 4th and use I Need A Wee by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet (Simon & Schuster) to help there!

Tinyfae’s Faevorites this month:

    The Book of Colours by Sarah Dyer (Templar)
    Claude: In the Spotlight by Alex T Smith

What have been your reading highlights for March?

What are you looking forward to in April?

A few books mentioned we received for free from review schemes for review purposes with no obligation nor payment. They are marked by *gifted, their appearance in this post is due to genuine choice and affection for them, not for any obligation, agreement nor fee.

6 thoughts on “Reflections on March

  1. Glad you/your girls had such an excellent month in March! I’m so excited for some of the books you’ve read early, particularly the Paper and Hearts Society and the Garden of Lost Secrets. The Dragon in the Library sounds really fun too, so I def think I’ll order it in at library 😊. I’m so thrilled you enjoyed Murder Most Unladylike (it’s one of my favourite series ever and I’ve made several friends read it because I love it so much 😂) and I agree that Everdark is brilliant.

    Mine has been busy and not the best in places but I managed to get a fair bit read (14 books overall) and I REALLY liked most of them. My 3 5 stars were Song of Sorrow, No Ballet Shoes in Syria and A Girl Called Shameless 😊

    In April, I’m looking forward to leaving school (we finish for study leave towards the end and it’s v exciting even though I still have exams in May before it’s properly summer!) and reading some hopefully excellent books as well!

    Amy x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve been really lucky to have read some amazing books and so glad to have got round to some of them!! Brightstorm snuck in there at the end (finished at 11pm!) which is why it isn’t in the picture but that would’ve been if there had been enough good light to retake the picture!!
      Oh and you persuaded me- I bought the exact opposite of okay thanks to you- I’ve got a few to read before it but I’m looking forward to it!!
      Good luck with the march towards exams, I remember this time both as a student and teacher and it’s so stressful, make sure to look after yourself 💜

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Ooh I’m really looking forward to hearing your thoughts on TEOOO! Thank you- I only have 3 this year as it’s my Advanced Highers, but I’m very excited to get them out of the way so I can enjoy a summer full of books 💜

      Liked by 1 person

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