Little Spotlights: Daisy 006 and A Bit by Kes Grey & Nick Sharratt

Daisy 006 and A Bit by Kes Grey & Nick Sharratt

Book Cover for Daisy 006 and a Bit by Kes Grey Illustrated by Nick Sharratt

Group: Picture Book
Published: First published Bodley Head 2006; my edition Red Fox 2016
Key Words: Role-Play, Spies, Imagination,

Littlefae says

Daisy is pretending to be a spy and it is funny!!! She said silly things and it was funny because no one knew she was talking in code. She has a nice mummy. Daisy’s moustache is funny.

Tinyfae says

I like the glasses! Daisy is good!

We originally came across this book after putting a call out on Twitter and it was highly recommended by Celia @Cecilmgo. I’ve found Littlefae is enjoying highly illustrated early reader books that have a picture book lead-in, we have Daisy: The Trouble with Zoos by Kes Grey and Garry Parsons but it’s a little daunting at the moment.

In this book there are full-colour illustrations throughout by Nick Sharratt in the signature style from the original book covers.

Daisy is having a day of imaginative fun. She has decided to become a spy, which mostly involves a felt tip moustache, sunglasses, various accoutrements from her mums vanity and skulking about talking in code. The problem is no one has the translation book so they don’t know what she’s saying and she gets rather upset… until 0021 and a Bit comes along.

This playful celebration of childhood imagination and games is gorgeous and is lovely to see parents included in the game too.

Of course this may inspire copy cat games which is fabulous for playing spies at forest school, not so much when felt tips are involved, thank goodness for Crayola Washable pipsqueaks- though honestly what can I say; I whom at Littlefae’s age with a classmate used the Berol colouring pen pot to give ourselves nail polish, lip stick, blush and eyeshadow much to Mrs Marquis’ horror.

Such a fun and imaginative book, a brilliant recommendation.

Daisy 006 & A Bit by Kes Grey & Nick Sharratt is published by Red Fox Picture Books available online or to order from bookstores.

5 thoughts on “Little Spotlights: Daisy 006 and A Bit by Kes Grey & Nick Sharratt

  1. I don’t know this Daisy book, but I do think Daisy’s great. Sure you have, but just in case have you got/read Yuk! and Eat Your Peas – two more Daisy picture books?
    Love the felt pen escapades – brilliant (berol felt pens too – aah, happy memories!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We got marched to the school nurse and scrubbed down with those blue paper towels!!
      I only came across Daisy before Christmas after a recommendation for the Zoo, and then even more recently with these picture books! I have seen the other ones and I think we may invest in a few as both girls absolutely loved this one.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I’d highly recommend Yuk, I think you and the girls would LOVE it. I’m less enamoured with Eat Your Peas because I really like peas and they get a bad rep 😆 but it is still silly and fun!!

      Liked by 1 person

    3. Yes that makes sense – we’ve only JUST got Littlefae eating peas again so I don’t want anything (including Charlie and Lola grr!!) to put her off again!!

      Liked by 1 person

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