Pausing for WWW Wednesday- 10/04

WWW Wednesday is a meme hosted by Taking on a World Of Words that simply asks three questions.

What are you currently reading?

Book cover for Clifftoppers
Cover artwork by Tom Clohosy Cole
Clifftoppers: The Arrowhead Moor Adventure Fleur Hitchcock (Nosy Crow) *

yes! yes! Oh my yes! This is exactly the kind of books I want for the Fae to discover, it’s a mystery, it’s has all the warmth, wonder and cake of a Blyton adventure but without the rampant elitism, sexism and racism. A group of cousins from diverse backgrounds are brought together to spend time at their grandparents in the countryside and are given the wild freedom of children in times gone past- of course the type of children whom in books uncover shady deals and devious plans!

This is so good I’m thoroughly enjoying this adventure And I am thrilled to hear there’s another two on the way.


Book cover for Princess Of Pets the naughty kitten
Illustrations by Olivia Chin Mueller and cover typography Joel Holland
Princess Of Pets: The Naughty Kitten by Paula Harrison illustrations by Olivia Chin Mueller (Nosy Crow) *

The Ruby Palace is no place for pets, but that won’t stop Princess Bea from helping animals in need.

This arrived earlier today and we enjoyed the Rescue Princess stories so we chose this as our bedtime story. Thumbs up so far and the cover is a shiny metallic hot pink too!

What did you recently finish reading?

I’ve had a HUGE book week!

Alex Rider: Secret Weapon- Anthony Horowitz (Walker Books) *

This is a fab collection of short stories of adventures and musings taking place between the big novels. I have a great affection for the early Alex Rider novels and this has inspired me to consider reading the rest.

The Cosmic Atlas Of Alfie Fleet- Martin Howard and Chris Mould *

This is complete bonkers but has so much heart (and farts)! It’s the tale of an impoverished but resourceful young boy who will do anything to buy his poor mum a special foot spa for her birthday- even travel through time and space with a corset-and-long-johns wearing Professor to other worlds and be chased as a false angel, Running Boy for elves and possible barbecue for a dragon all whilst taking notes like Lonely Planet meets Hitchhikers for MG.

Book cover for The Apprentice Witch
Cover illustrated By Daniella Terrazzini and designed by Steve Wells
The Apprentice Witch- James Nicol (Chicken House) (Review coming next Wednesday for #KidBookBingo)

This is the tale of a young witch whose assessment goes spectacularly wrong and she gets sent to the backside of beyond to be a village witch and tend to snotling infestations and need for charms, but something greater is going on here.. can Arianwyn rise to the challenge?

I’m super late to this party but I was so blown away by how wonderful this book is I followed it up with:

Book cover for a Witch Alone
Cover illustrated By Daniella Terrazzini and designed by Steve Wells
A Witch Alone – James Nicol (Chicken House)

This and the book within shares its name with a Marian Green book which is about the practical matters of being a solo witch in a rural setting. Pretty perfect to share a title with as that is pretty much what this book is about, Arianwyn mastering the craft and dealing with issues that occur. Although to be fair skalks and hex is probably not a concern in the other book!!

I think the third book is definitely on the cards!!

Book cover for A most improper magick
Cover Illustrated by Anne Yvonne Gilbert and designed by The Parish
A Most Improper Magick- Stephanie Burgis (Templar)

Pride & Prejuduce meets A Pinch Of Magic with Witchcraft and a Higher Magic meeting together and highwaymen and parties to boot. I could get to know this series quite happily I think.


Book cover for Fabio: Mystery on the Ostrich Express

Fabio The World’s Greatest Flamingo Detective: Mystery on the Ostrich Express – Laura James and Illustrated by Emily Fox (Bloomsbury)
Book cover for Trapdoor Mysteries Thief in the Night
Illustrations by James Brown, cover Design by Sophie Burgess
The Trapdoor Mysteries: Thief in the Night Abie Longstaff illustrated by James Brown (Orion Childrens)

We were so happy to read this book after it went walkies for a while we were glad to continue in the story of the Cinderella type girl who solves mysteries at the Manor where she lives using logic, cunning and a little help from her magical library!


Book of the week, possibly the year has to be

Book cover for Jampires

Jampires Sarah McIntyre and David O’Connell (David Fickling Press)

Who took the jam out of Sams Doughnuts? Jampires that’s who. This very funny book has become an instant Faevorite for both Littlefae and Tinyfae, this is an in-joke between myself, my mum and Tinyfae which makes it even more special.

I have a feeling I’m going to be making a Jampire cake next month for her birthday!!

What do you think you’ll read next?

For me it’s definitely

Book cover for the Middler
Cover artwork by Matt Saunders and cover typography by Joel Holland
The Middler Kirsty Applebaum (Nosy Crow) *

I’m so looking forward to this twist on the Dystopian genre. Looking from a MG perspective, it looks at the experience of those left behind after the prized and adulated eldest child would go off to do their duty.

With how fast I’m devouring Clifftoppers it may well be started shortly!!


Book cover for hotel flamingo
Cover Design by Nick Stearn- Text & Illustrations by Alex Milway
Hotel Flamingo – Alex Milway (Piccadilly)

Well it’s Flamingos and that makes it fabulous but we’ve had this highly illustrated early reader book for a while and now is the time to explore it whilst riding the Fabio wave.

Plus mummy gets to make up her own words ‘Welcome to the Hotel Flamingo.. Such a lovely place..’

Have you read any of these?

What are you reading?

Please note that I received titles marked with an asterisk * from publishers (Thank you Walker Books and Nosy Crow) or a review scheme on another website. This has not affected my opinion.

11 thoughts on “Pausing for WWW Wednesday- 10/04

  1. I’m very much looking forward to getting to that Stephanie Burgis trilogy at some point- I like her current series a lot! I just always find it harder to justify reading backlist when I’m choosing myself somehow! But I own all three so I’m sure I’ll get to them one day, and hopefully soon.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the Middler (which I hadn’t expected since I’m not generally keen on dystopia!) so looking forward to hearing what you think 😊
    The last book I finished was the spectacular The Last Spell Breathed, I’m currently reading Secret in the Stone by Kamilla Benko, and then I think I’m going to be buddy reading Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue with a friend.
    Amy x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I picked up the Stephanie Burgis in a charity shop it hadn’t been on my radar previously though I do love a bit of Magic in Regency (Dark Days Club) and I loved the sisters and their realistic relationships in particular.
      I’m definitely going to check out her latest MG now.
      I was supposed to be sent The Last Spellbreather but i don’t think it’s coming, never mind though I will wait as it sounds fabulous.
      I’m looking forward to Middler as I did enjoy the first flush of dystopia (hunger games/divergent etc) but it got oversaturated quickly, this is such a fresh twist so I’m looking forward to it immensely!!!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. This came from an in-joke when Tinyfae saw someone with blood on their face in a film and she said ‘They got JAM!!’ So seeing this was just perfection!!

      Liked by 1 person

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