The Nothing to See Here Hotel- Steven Butler & Steven Lenton

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We’ve listened to this on audio and read the book and we have enjoyed this wacky illustrated adventure that is perfect for young readers wanting a bit more from their books but haven’t quite got the stamina to tackle a middle grade novel.

This story is inventive and hitting the comedy side of gross that children adore at that age and so is utterly perfect for fans of Andy Stanton’s Mr Gum, Laura Ellen Anderson’s Amelia Fang and Dahl.

Book cover for Nothing to See here Hotel

Frankie Bannister is a quartering troll and his family owns the Nothing to See Here Hotel in Brighton where they deliberately set stinky human repelling charms and Fawlty Towers worthy reviews to keep the humans away and so ready for magical visitors.

Prince Grogbah of the Barrow Goblins has decided to come for a holiday with an arrival to rival Prince Ali and an ego that is beyond Verucca Salt demanding and his entourage wreak havoc that looks like Cornish Piskies have got loose in the Hotel after barely 15 minutes!

How can Frankie Save the Hotel and the day?

‘Abso-BLUNKING-lutely not!’ Granny said ‘I’m snug as a bundle of bugs up here! You all let him in so you can take care of this mess yourselves. Just stamp on the little twerp.’

This is a wildly creative story with Pygmy Soot dragons, were-poodles, Handy ogres, shrubbery sprites and much more. The full immersion in the world is exciting and very funny.
Though if you are not pleased by the idea of a goblin wearing a turban, lawns shifting their bums, and a pet eating Granny then this isn’t the book for you.

Granny Regurgita is all sorts of glorious in the joyous disgustingness of her creation, all sorts of horrors have melded into her being from Jabba the Hutt, with the demanding nastiness of the grandmother from George’s Marvellous Medicine with a dash of the bedridden, floor banging hollerings of René’s mother in law from Allo, Allo.

Frankie’s world is fun and playful escapism and the plot meanders from the sublimely eccentric to the Monty Pythonesque bonkers in a hummingbird’s heart beat. For us this is a delightfully funny series we would love to seek out more.

The Nothing to See Here Hotel- Steven Butler & Steven Lenton is published by Simon & Schuster and is available from online and all good bookstores.

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