Little Spotlights: Skye the Puffling by Lynne Rickards and Jon Mitchell

Skye The Puffling by Lynne Rickards and Jon Mitchell

Book cover for Skye the Puffling

Group: Picture Books
Published: Kelpies 2016
Key Words: Puffins, Puffling, Family, Habitat, finding your strengths

Littlefae says

I like the way it says ‘soft as a peach’ to describe Skye. it’s a nice story she’s all fluffy at first her mummy and daddy find her and they have a holiday together until she’s big enough to fly

Tinyfae says:

Skye gets LOST on the gannets! she’s flying on the gannet oh no! gannets, gannets, another one of them gannets, all of them gannets… I love this book.

This book was purchased as part of indulging Tinyfae’s love of Puffins and Pufflings thanks to the Netflix series Puffin Rock but is actually a gorgeous little family and educational story about puffins, sea birds, behaviours, habitat and growing up.

Skye is a happy go lucky and extremely curious fluffy little Puffling, but one morning she wanders off alone and finds herself tumbling onto the back of a gannet and flown away from her family nest. Her mummy and daddy embark on a journey to find her, and when they do they stay until she is strong enough to fly herself.

It’s a lovely reassuring story gently reminding not to wander off alone but also about how parents love and support their children even puffins. The artwork is gorgeous and bright and whilst we have the picture book version it’s good to know there is a board book version for the tiniest of hands too.

This is part of a range of puffin and wildlife themed books from Scottish imprint Kelpies so there are others to enjoy including the stories of Skye’s parents if your child wishes to read further tales of the puffins and indeed Scottish writers and stories too.

Skye The Puffling by Lynne Rickards and Jon Mitchell is published by Kelpies.

7 thoughts on “Little Spotlights: Skye the Puffling by Lynne Rickards and Jon Mitchell

    1. Oh it’s lovely, it’s by Peter Horáček. It’ll be in a post soon (in a bit of a blog slump!)
      It’s a classic ‘I’ve lost my mum’ style take, but Peter has lost his friend Paul. I really liked all the different birds they come across when searching for him – parrot, penguin, toucan – and the illustrations are gorgeous.

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    2. Oh that sounds gorgeous! Right up my bird loving Tinyfae’s street!!
      Oh dear I hope it’s just a momentary and blog only slump, I missed reading what you and Peapod have been enjoying, hope everything is ok with you all x

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    3. Ah, thank you 😊 Yes, we’re all fine. I’m just having one of those spells when the tiredness hits like a sledgehammer (know you’ll be able to relate to that) and finding it hard to get motivated – then the longer I leave it, the less motivated etc. Aim is to get back to it over the weekend and kick off again next week!

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  1. Thank you. I find I just have weeks where the backlog of sleeplessness hits and I’m shattered for a week or so. I’ll be back to the usual tiredness levels soon enough 😆 Thanks for checking on me!xx

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