Reflections on April

Our monthly update with reflections and achievements

Lily Fae

First of all thank you so much to everyone who reads this blog, whether you subscribe or not thank you 💜

Wow. April went really really fast. It’s been super busy with Easter Holidays and three family birthdays on almost consecutive weeks including my dad turning 60.

We went to a local Barbecue restaurant where my dad totally geeked out at the Smokers in the backyard and my brother had a serious case of food envy/order regret!

We’ve spent more time outside than previously and put a lot of effort and investment into the garden to get it productive for the future and a nice space to be in for the summer.

This year’s project is the patio area my dad built a raised bed with reclaimed decking I found on Freegle, and we painted and planted it up with blueberries and redcurrants.

I’ve wanted to plant a Mirabelle tree to mark Tinyfae’s birth but wanted to wait until this winter/spring to do it because that’s when the ‘two year old’ whips would be meaning in the future the tree would be more or less the same age as her.

On the blog I’ve been still working to find my voice and style.

I’ve also really enjoyed taking part in Annaliese Avery’s #KidBookBingo on Twitter which has celebrated and encouraged multi-platform reviews of participating books- of which I have been super lucky to win not just one but TWO days of prizes!!

Books by Jacob Sager Weinstein
I was lucky enough to win this bundle of books from Jacob Safer Weinstein

With the views and the responses, plus where my heart is leading me I’ve found I’ve really enjoyed reading some of the books I’ve got then put aside for more urgent reads, or series I missed the first time around.

I think I’m leaning more towards Middle Grade and with the girls continuing with picture books and highly illustrated young reader as it seems that is where we find the most enjoyment. I will continue to include the odd YA title I really enjoy but maybe focus more on picture book to middle grade?

In April I read 19 books or 5666 pages!

which is pretty incredible but I know I could have read more this month but I’ve had a few busy days, visiting days but the last week or so I’ve felt not quite right and unable to concentrate on reading hardly at all.

My current GoodReads Challenge stands at 68/52 books

which is slightly off as a few books I’ve read are not on/can’t find on the site yet.

My reading Faevorites from the month:

The Apprentice Witch– James Nicol
A Witch Alone- James Nicol
A Witch come true- James Nicol
The Trapdoor Mysteries: Thief in the Night- Abie Longstaff & James Brown
Clifftoppers- Fleur Hitchcock*
The Middler– Kirsty Applebaum*
Snowglobe– Amy Wilson
The Last Spell Breather- Julie Pike (review closer to publication)*
The Star-Spun Web -Sinéad O’Hart
Wildspark– Vashti Hardy
High Rise Mystery- Sharna Jackson

In May I am hoping to:

  • Keep my collywobbles together at another two hospital appointments for the girls.
  • Be ready for the emotions as Tinyfae turns 3.
  • Looking forward to:

The Golden Butterfly – Sharon Gosling ✔️
Malamander- Thomas Taylor ✔️
Rumblestar- Abi Elphinstone
Starfell- Dominique Valente ✔️
A Girl called Justice- Elly Griffiths ✔️
The Secret Starling- Judith Eagle

As I’m posting a few days later than intended, ✔️ shows books I’ve procured since.


Littlefae has started dance classes and is doing brilliantly despite having been very anxious about beginning them.

This month has largely been a nonfiction reading month for Littlefae; particularly science, history and food and making links by herself.

She has been enjoying picture books still but has become very interested in Detective and mystery stories both picture book and highly illustrated which is great because that’s what I enjoy and she will have plenty of MG when she’s ready!

She has also been interested in developing her vocabulary and learning how to build a good reasoned argument (gods help me). We have started to make a vocabulary chart of new or interesting words she comes across when reading and started using an app called Vocab Lab which aims to offer alternatives to frequently used words.

Faevorite/s of the Month

Chocolate: The Bean that Conquered the world- Vivian French
Science you can Eat- Stefan Gates (DK)*
Jampires– Sarah McIntyre & David O’Connell
atchoo! How we catch a Cold- Leon Read KIDWOW (Franklin Watts)*

In May Littlefae is looking forward to:

I don’t like being Small- Laura Ellen Anderson ✔️
Sophie Johnson- Detective Genius- Morag Hood & Ella Okstad
Witches (Un)Welcome- Kaye Umansky Illustrated by Ashley King.
Nell and the Circus Of Dreams – Nell Gifford and Briony May Smith ✔️


Tinyfae has made HUGE leaps and bounds over the past month.

Her language and expression is excellent she still sometimes says OPPatus instead of octopus and says Bing Bao instead of babybel and potty training is starting to make sense unless we put her in knickers and then it all goes wrong but on the whole she is doing amazing.

I have to stop and smell the roses sometimes.

When I was pregnant I was told that Tinyfae may never be like other children and this was made worse by professionals suggesting she may never walk or talk thanks to her double dislocated hips and slow speech acquisition coupled with shyness for the Heath Visitor. so when she does well I have to remember where we came from and thank goodness she is so amazing.

Tinyfae’s Faevorites this month:

Hello House- Nicola Slater*
Meekoo and the Big Red Potty- Camilla Reid & Nicola Slater
Where is the Easter Bunny?
Dotty’s First Book: Colours, Shapes and Numbers- Becky Baur *

What have been your reading highlights for April?

What are you looking forward to in May?

A few books mentioned we received for free from review schemes for review purposes with no obligation nor payment. They are marked by *, their appearance in this post is due to genuine choice and affection for them, not for any obligation, agreement nor fee.

8 thoughts on “Reflections on April

  1. I really love the way you write these wrap ups! In April, I read 20 Books which I was really proud of and pleased with, and I think my favourites were Paper Avalanche, When We Were Warriors and the Last Spell Breather.
    In May, I’m very excited to get all my exams over and done with as I’ll then have even more time for reading! Some books I’m particularly hoping to get to are the Umbrella Mouse, A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder and Spies in St Petersburg. And Malamander as well! I really need to get my library pile down because I’m dangerously close to maxing my card and I have reservations set up for next month so need to get a few back!
    Amy x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! 20 books is awesome well done!!! The Last Spell Breather is just wunderstuff isn’t it?!
      Good luck with your exams and hope the time to relax afterwards is what you need it to be!! 💜

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ah, go LittleFae with her dancing and TinyFae with her chatting! And go you for the garden and getting through a feeling-not-so-great spell.
    You still read way more than I did (admittedly not too hard to do but still!)! Good luck with May’s hospital appts – you’ve got this!
    We’re looking forward to the new Sophie Johnson book too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 😊 Littlefae is very interested in mysteries, she even plays mysteries/Detective with her toys at the moment so this is definitely her thing at the moment!!


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