So You Think You’ve Got It Bad? A Kid’s Life in Ancient Egypt- Chae Strathie & Marisa Morea

As Littlefae is on a Non-Fiction Kick I thought I would start featuring some of the books she has been especially enjoying, or ones we are using to inspire studies.

This is the second book in a series that looks at people, particularly children’s experiences in a different time.

As a former History teacher and Ancient History graduate I’m always excited to see books set in the ancient world (to be fair I get excited about history books in general) and as a younger person I ALMOST studied Egyptology at university but chose Greco-Roman instead.

So this book was certainly going to be met with positivity by myself, what was amazing is how much my girls love it too.

Book cover for So you think you’ve Got it bad - a kids guide to life in Ancient Egypt

The structure looks at different aspects of Ancient Egyptian life (the Nile dwelling communities) as comparable to today so fashions, homes, education, food, entertainment and medicine.

It follows the concept of ‘So you think you’ve got it bad?’ where children may moan about their lives or the perceived unfairness of things get a look at what their lives would have been if born in Ancient Egyptian times.

Excerpt from the book showing law enforcement in Ancient Egyptian times
Law Enforcement, Ancient Egyptian style.

Both my girls pored over this Tinyfae (2.5 years) the pictures and Littlefae (6 years) the whole thing and they both asked questions and were entertained by the information.

It’s an ideal display book or library book to have when children are learning about Ancient Egypt and it’s dip-in structure is great for reading for pleasure or to use to create activities.

Toddler reading a book
Tinyfae enjoying the page about Ancient Egyptian Pets

Certainly this book has provoked lots of discussion here and Littlefae has expressed an interest in similar non-fiction titles to find out more which is always a good sign.

Young girl reading a book
Littlefae enjoying the pages on Ancient Egyptian Fashion

I will be hunting out the Ancient Greeks edition and certainly looking forward to the Ancient Romans this summer!!

So You Think You’ve Got It Bad? A Kid’s Life in Ancient Egypt- Chae Strathie & Marisa Morea is published by Nosy Crow.

What Ancient Egyptian books would you recommend?

Thank you to Nosy Crow got sending me a copy of this book. This has not affected my opinion.

2 thoughts on “So You Think You’ve Got It Bad? A Kid’s Life in Ancient Egypt- Chae Strathie & Marisa Morea

    1. Oh my goodness the girls would LOVE that mummy book!!!
      I have a few Usborne lift the flaps out and i think a couple up in the history box- I will have to check if I’ve got any more because they’re really enjoying the history.

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