Little Spotlights: Millie’s Chickens – Brenda Williams & Valeria Cis

Millie’s Chickens – Brenda Williams & Valeria Cis

Group: Picture Book & Non-Fiction
Published: Barefoot Books 2015
Key Words: Chickens, Pet-Care, Biology


This book is about a little girl who has to take care of her chickens. I like this because we have chickens too but I don’t want a fox to get our chickens so ours are safe.


Naughty fox! Feed the chickens, Look at Coco, Ember and ‘Dora! I like the chickens.

This book is a gorgeous picture book with non-fiction elements about a little girl and her chickens that encourages children to be good caregivers to animals and to treat pets with respect.

The story takes us through a day with Millie who has three pet chickens, what they do during the day and how she takes care of them including feeding, collecting eggs, and keeping them safe from predators. The soft shapes and tones of the illustrations by Valeria Cis add a joyful calm quality to the story.

It utilises vocabulary such as coop, grit and breed names and encourages happy free-ranging chickens including the option of chicks if they get broody.
In the back section there is detail about different names for different ages of chickens, anatomy, care and then different ways to cook the eggs.

The writer is a British teacher but the information is universal and refers to breeds popular in both the UK and USA, including the Rhode Island Red which is often hybrid with other breeds (including our own!!) so many chicken owners may recognise a chicken or two of theirs.

Picture of chickens
Our family chickens! -although Ember another Oxford Amber is not in shot.

I originally purchased this book with others to prepare the girls for when our chickens would arrive last summer, but it has recently resurfaced and both girls are enchanted by it so I would highly recommend it for children who have chickens or you’re thinking of getting chickens.

Littlefae loves the fact a girl like her has chickens and it has scientific information about chickens at the back and Tinyfae who is definitely an Earth Child is enamoured with the book and loves to name the chickens as they look a bit like ours.

This book is by Barefoot Books which used to be a publisher with a shop and studio in Summertown, Oxford until the end of 2015 and focusing on learning, diversity and curiosity & respect for the world.

The book is still available in the UK to purchase new and second hand but sadly only the US branch is operating as a publisher now.

4 thoughts on “Little Spotlights: Millie’s Chickens – Brenda Williams & Valeria Cis

  1. Oh this looks lovely, I love that you have chickens! Peapod will have them at his nursery so this might be a good one when he’s a bit bigger!
    Just reading LittleFae’s comments – have you read Outfoxed by Claudia Boldt?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The chickens are brilliant, ours are very calm and friendly but a little cheeky as they like to escape across the garden to play in the flower beds! They are very rewarding pets and our dogs get on brilliantly with them.
      No we haven’t seen that I shall have to look out for it!


    2. It’s about a vegetarian fox whose dad sends him to catch a chicken and his attempts to both please his dad and save the chicken! I think the girls might like it.

      Liked by 1 person

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