Little Spotlights- Great Bunny Bakes by Ellie Snowdon

Great Bunny Bakes- Ellie Snowdon

Book cover for Great Bunny Bakes

Group: Picture Book
Published: Simon & Schuster 2018
Key Words: Wolf, Cake, Disguise, Bake Off, Bunnies, Kindness


I loved it because the bunnies helped and Quentin is great! The wolf is really kind but the bunnies didn’t know that until they got to know him. I like that Quentin finds someone to share his cakes with.


Again! I like the wolf he made a chocolate cake. He is a nice wolf. Lovely cakes.

Great Bunny Bakes is a delightful tale about kindness and finding your people even if you don’t feel like you fit in.

Wolf adores baking but doesn’t have anyone to share his delights with. When an entry to a Great Bunny Bake Off competition lands on his doormat he is so desperate to join in he is willing to don a disguise.

Over the course of the competition Wolf battles baked goods and saboteurs and finds fulfilment and friendship as he finds out that it’s not how you look or what background you come from it’s the content of your character that matters.

Excerpt from Great Bunny BakesThe illustrations by Ellie Snowdon have a wonderful imaginative quality with the inked designs and soft colour palette.

I also love the fact that the book isn’t in rhyme! So many children’s books are in rhyme and whilst the natural rhythms have value it’s nice to see something more conversational like this interspersed with a voice over commentary of each event.

Overall, this is a delightful tale, I only wish I could remember who the lovely person was that recommended this book to me so I could thank them!!

Great Bunny Bakes by Ellie Snowdon is published by Simon & Schuster.

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