Little Spotlights- Dreamweaver by Claire Freedman & Carrie May

Dreamweaver – Claire Freedman & Carrie May

Group: Picture Books
Published: Templar 2017
Key Words: Dream Fairy, crafting dreams, Magic, sleep


It’s a really pretty book and I love the fairy and I REALLY want to swim with dolphins…..but it is about bedtime.



Pretty fairy. I like the monkey, he is swimming with a dolphin and a mermaid! Oh he’s so tired!! I want to go sliding like bear.

This book is absolutely beautiful. Gorgeous poetry and enchanting illustrations from the author of Aliens love Underpants and the illustrator of so much loveliness including the cover of Rumblestar Abi Elphinstone’s latest novel.

The Dreamweaver is a fairy with gossamer songs and dreamcatcher feathers hanging through her hair.

Excerpt from Dreamweaver
Double spread from Dreamweaver

I adore the idea of the Dreamweaver crafting and weaving specially chosen dreams for creatures and children from starlight, the scent of flowers, the grains of sand and gifted feathers.
Gorgeous magical wishes and hopes, blended together in a dreamy spell to cast over a sleepy little one

Whilst Littlefae wasn’t wholly impressed at the bedtime element she did think the book itself and ideas were lovely (sleep is not her thing but I think give it 10 years – maybe 7!) and Tinyfae was absolutely enchanted.

Dreamweaver by Claire Freedman and Carrie May is published by Templar Books.

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