Faevorite: National Trust: Sunflower Shoots and Muddy Boots- Katherine Halligan & Grace Easton

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This gorgeous little gardening primer has lots of ideas, introductory information and projects to get started whether you have only a windowsill, acres of land and anything in between.

Book cover for sunflower shoots and muddy boots

Packed with practical advice of how to start gardening from the easiest flowers and crops to start with and how to take care of your garden naturally all the way to how to plant a tree!!

For those who don’t have that much space there is lots of advice on gardening using small containers meaning you could even have your own raspberries if you have a tiny balcony space and salad crops on a window box!

Spiral bound and wipe clean, this is a very thoughtful and inspiring book for young potential gardeners. Even if your child doesn’t like getting dirty there

Upcycled Wellies Activity

Page spread of Sunflower Shoots and Muddy Boots with accessories
Everything ready!

Tinyfae adores gardening and has been very excited to try out different activities as she loves planting seeds and flowers in the garden.

So we decided to upcycle some of Littlefae’s old wellies that have weathered outside and are no good for passing down.

Excerpt from Sunflower Shoots and Muddy Boots
Our chosen activity

First a responsible adult (my mum actually!) poked holes through the soles of the wellies using a nail and a hammer to allow water to drain so the plants don’t get waterlogged.

This is more difficult than you think as the wellies are rather bendy so please take care.

Stages to complete activity

We then filled the foot and ankle part of the boot because it is a toddler size, bigger sizes you will have to fill higher!! We filled this area with a mixture of potting compost and vermiculite. This isn’t 100% necessary but if you have some it helps with drainage again to prevent the plants getting soggy feet!

We bought some cheap and cheerful petunias from a well known supermarket but you can put anything in them- herbs and strawberries are particularly good and anything that ‘tumbles’ and goes well in a hanging basket- if you have a grown up welly you could do tumbling cherry tomatoes.

We teased out the earth from the bottom of the plug to help it squeeze down the boot without damaging the green stems and leaves.

Then used our fingers to push the rest of the earth in at the top.

Watering wrong then right
Don’t water like the left side! Water more like the right!

Then water! The left pictures shows the wrong way to water, watering the foliage and flowers makes it spray away and out of the boot.

The picture on the right shows Tinyfae watering the root area of the plant so the water goes down into the boot not over the sides.

And a happy girl!!

Girl holding upcycled welly

There are lots of different activities in this book to inspire young and amateur gardeners even in the smallest of spaces. This definitely has the Faevorites seal of approval!!

National Trust: Sunflower Shoots and Muddy Boots- Katherine Halligan & Grace Easton is published by Nosy Crow, many thanks to Nosy Crow for our copy, this has not affected our opinion.

30 Days Wild, a challenge set by The Wildlife Trusts to get people back in touch with the nature around them, in whatever way you can manage from the tiniest to the biggest gestures
You can get involved with #30DaysWild on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
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I am not affiliated with The Wildlife Trusts or 30 Days Wild in anyway.

This post is not sponsored, paid or an advert just noting the books we love and the way we have joined in.


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    1. This book is fab, I’ve mentioned it before but we had so much fun I thought it deserved another mention! Tinyfae is very proud of her petunia wellies!!

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