Little Spotlights: Ninja Nan – Hollie Hughes and Natalie Smillie

Ninja Nan – Hollie Hughes and Natalie Smillie

Group: Picture Book
Published: Scholastic 2016
Key Words: Circus, Defy Expectations, Grandmother

Littlefae says

I want to dress up as a clown and scare my daddy!! That will be the greatest trick of all time!!! Clunky the clown was fun. This book is great! The nan looks STUNNING!

Tinyfae says

I like the dancing dogs! My Yaya can’t be Ninja Nan, no no no she can’t go. I want to go to the circus please.

This book was recommended to me by Jo at Library Girl & Book Boy when I asked about books with Circus as the theme after enjoying Nell and the Circus Of Dreams and The Butterfly Circus to get the girls excited about going to the Circus. I have booked tickets to see Giffords Circus this Monday which is a surprise partly for Tinyfae’s Belated Birthday Treat and partly for the girls being very brave this week.

Of course this book too was supposed to be a surprise but it was discovered with glee upon arrival and has become a regular request!!

This tale of being brave and following your dreams no matter your age is wonderful with Young Jim being 100% supportive of his Nan running away with the circus and slowly bringing his mum around to the idea too.

It’s also brilliant for preparing children for some acts they may see in a real circus if they have been watching The Greatest Showman and think they’re going to see a musical! The illustrations show traditional acts such as acrobats, tightrope walkers, aerialists, performing ponies and clowns (good clowns not creepy clowns)

Ninja Nan is full of fabulous vocabulary and lots of opportunity for expressive reading – Littlefae is becoming quite the Storyteller.

Just lovely.

2 thoughts on “Little Spotlights: Ninja Nan – Hollie Hughes and Natalie Smillie

    1. It’s a picture book and it’s fabulous, lots of bright colours and joyful faces and a very inspirational nan!!
      I told them this morning when We were talking about our plans next week (BUSY week!!) and they are so excited!

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