Notable Non-Fiction: RHS Lets Get Gardening: 30 Easy Projects for Children

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This is a real team effort from DK Books and the Royal Horticultural Society looking to inspire children out into the garden and to reuse and recycle in the garden breathing new life into recyclables, making small container gardens and encouraging them to grow food, fruit, flowers and other plants to encourage wildlife habitat and diversity.

Divided into 3 sections; Getting started; Kitchen garden; and recycling garden and each has with bright double spreads with lots of clearly labelled photography of children carrying out the activities and close up shots of other plants such as the closeups of flowers, roses and then edible produce to encourage interest!

There’s plenty of scientific, biology and natural world knowledge about plants, wildlife and more to encourage adventure in the garden as much as chores to do, building compost, the plants that bees like and projects to make container or water gardens for the tiniest spaces.

The only thing I will say about this book is you probably need to visit a garden centre or similar for quite a few projects particular regarding the plants say if trying for a wildlife or water container garden.

My 3 year old is a budding gardener and adores this book and we’ve been planning what we can achieve with the planting and crafts to encourage our joint love for gardening to rub off on big sister!

Gardening Activity- Planting Herb Seeds

The Planting herb seeds activity in this book involves recycling juice tetrapaks into plant pots. However we didn’t have any available BUT we did have a rather large novelty mug which looks lovely but is rather difficult to drink from as it is heavy and chunky. So a new life as a plant pot it is.

We didn’t drill a hole in the bottom but you can if you use a few layers of masking tape over the area you intend to drill.

We decided to use extra vermiculite and a few stones to increase the drainage and choose a plant that needs the barest watering (Mediterranean herbs are good for this)

Tinyfae was my little gardener during this activity and yes, she is wearing pyjamas and no don’t ask why she is a threenager and wasn’t to be messed with!!

Fill a pot or receptacle 4/5ths with compost- vermiculite or grit helps with drainage.

Empty out some seeds from the packet – you probably don’t need to use them all!! Save some to sow again in a few weeks.

Take a Pinch Of seeds and sprinkle over the surface of the pot- spread them out don’t concentrate in one spot.

Add a scoop of potting compost over the seeds and pat down with fingers.

Water gently. Most herbs won’t need a lot of watering, keep in a warm place until seedlings appear.

And a very happy girl looking forward to her seeds growing!

RHS Lets Get Gardening: 30 Easy Projects for Children is published by DK Books. I received this book through a review scheme this has not affected my opinion.

30 Days Wild, a challenge set by The Wildlife Trusts to get people back in touch with the nature around them, in whatever way you can manage from the tiniest to the biggest gestures
I am not affiliated with The Wildlife Trusts or 30 Days Wild in anyway.


2 thoughts on “Notable Non-Fiction: RHS Lets Get Gardening: 30 Easy Projects for Children

    1. This is one of the most comprehensive children’s/beginners gardening books I’ve seen- step by step and lots of pictures.
      Tinyfae loves those pyjamas I swear she would go out for the day in them if she could!! The Basil has germinated but she drowned the cup last time we watered so I’m crossing my fingers they’re ok!! 😆


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