Little Spotlights: Tiny Tantrum- Caroline Crowe & Ella Okstad

Tiny Tantrum- Caroline Crowe & Ella Okstad

Group: Picture Book
Published: Tiger Tales/ Little Tiger Press 2017
Key Words: Tantrums- Redirection- Anger Management- Monsters


I’ll tell her that broccoli is lovely. She learnt to control her anger and didn’t have tantrums again- she flushed her anger down the loo! I like the drawings, I think Tiny might be related to Ava from Squishy McFluff- they might be cousins.


I like to read the monsters. We flush our tantrums down the loo now- go to bed little Tiny – look ohh she’s a sweetie now. I like the monsters they are friends.

Tiny is lovely, except when she’s having a tantrum. But one day monsters appear every time Tiny has a tantrum and help her change her thinking to let the anger dissipate and choose calm and reason. But what will Tiny do when the monsters don’t behave at bedtime?

My girls found this book funny and sweet and the girls recognised familiar tantrum triggers (most parents will nod along with me reading this book!) and started to think about how we react in those circumstances but without any judgey pants on.

For Tinyfae (3) this is a book about anger going down the loo and monsters being good, where it’s a little more profound for Littlefae who is 6.

This is a great little book that is secretly about behaviour and anger management using redirection and empowerment through projection allowing the little girl to model and help others choose good behaviour at the end demonstrating what she has learnt.

To me that is worth its weight in gold, it models the process of making poor choices and how to turn a wobbler around through redirection; sometimes having fun like wiggling when eating vegetables; and thinking sensibly such as pointing out no one likes a chilly bottom or making our friends cry means no friends in the end.

By then giving Tiny the power to help the monsters that have helped her through silly redirection it helps concrete the process as a choice and show children that behaviour can often be about choices and self regulation takes effort and practice but is worth it in the long run.

The illustrations are gorgeous in Ella Okstad’s recognisable style yet Tiny certainly has a personality all of her own along with the delightfully flompy looking monsters!

Overall a great choice for a calm down box or thinking story, but still entertaining enough to stand alone for younger children.

Tiny Tantrum by Caroline Crowe & Ella Okstad is published by Tiger Tales- Little Tiger Press

5 thoughts on “Little Spotlights: Tiny Tantrum- Caroline Crowe & Ella Okstad

  1. Following on from our comments about Kiss the Crocodile, this is another book I can see being brilliant in particular situations/for PSHE etc and I can totally see and understand how it’s been useful for the girls, but not one I’d choose for us to read…until we reach that tantrum stage!! Though I do love Ella Okstad’s illustrations!

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    1. This has hints towards the meta experience you get with Jill Murphy’s picture books (The Larges etc) but with gentle modelling of what to do- it’s not preachy it’s essentially a story of one girl turning howlers into Happy you can take it as deep as you want. It has a Monsters Inc being good twist that makes it fun though!!

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