Six for Sunday- Couples who need a sequel

#SixforSunday is hosted by Steph at A Little But A Lot. Every week there is a bookish-themed prompt to inspire 6 choices.

This month focuses on Bookish Wishes and this week the prompt is Couples who need a sequel.

I found this rather hard- I don’t tend to read a lot for romance, maybe I’m an old cynic but I tend to think ah that’s cute, let’s see them in a few years arguing over whose turn it is to stay up til an ungodly hour with the insomniac toddler (as I had to ironically last night) but that wouldn’t work as a YA novel, that’s adult fiction!!

However there are some kindling romances or sometimes unspoken resonance that I’m interested to see where they go next.

Some of these I know there is a sequel, but I still want to find out what happens next anyway.

Book cover A Pinch Of Magic

Fliss Widdershins & Colton –A Pinch Of Magic by Michelle Harrison

Whilst Fliss is an absolute flirt and nothing actually ‘happens’ between her and Colton but a tone and magnetism between the two is palpable and I would love to see that kernel grow.

I know there are more books but I hope this plot point gets some wings.

Viper by Bex Hogan

Marianne and Bronn – Viper by Bex Hogan

Marianne & Bronn have that childhood sweethearts torn apart by circumstance romantic thing going on and they were finally truthful to each other in Viper.

Now whilst the relationship was agreed to take a back seat to the quest, but I hope we see a bit more of the emotional tender side of Bronn in the sequel.

Book cover The sisters of the winter woods

Liba and Dovid – The Sisters Of The Winter Wood by Rena Rossner

Liba didn’t believe she is attractive because she lacks the fragility, grace and pale colouring of her sister Laya yet she had won the heart of Dovid and even with her secret his concern and love is for her happiness, wellbeing and safety- but as in accordance with the time and their religion it is a very chaste blossoming.

I want to see this couple again whether ‘come away with me’ away from pogroms to a new life or in years to come seeing if their child/ren inherit her ‘gift’, or more interestingly the grandmother’s gift.

Book cover for Nevermoor

Jupiter North and Fenestra- The Nevermoor Books – Jessica Townsend

This isn’t a kinky Lady-cat & beardy hipster man thing, but there’s certainly something more than friendship going on between Jupiter and Fenestra especially because of the ‘I don’t care’ attitude from Fen when her behaviour shows she really does care.

The Apprentice Witch

Arianwyn & Colin – The Apprentice Witch Trilogy – James Nicol

It’s a ‘not quite’ romance in the books but it’s burning there. Arianwyn has deep feelings for Colin but is afraid to show them and Colin is a gentleman which leaves the pair at somewhat of an impasse during the Trilogy. Arianwyn’s dad can read the writing on the wall after a few minutes with them yet the pair are too shy to step beyond friendship.

I would like to see this series again, whether it be the setting a few years later or even a few decades later and Arianwyn is mentoring a young Apprentice of her own… have Arianwyn and Colin taken the chance or did they miss their moment- is there still hope?

Pip and Rav A Good Girls Guide to Murder – Holly Jackson

Well I want to see a sequel with Pip and I hope that Rav comes along too- maybe negotiating the difficulties of a strong romantic and friendship bond with her attending university and with his academic past feeling ‘left behind’ how can they make it work whilst she investigates another cold case- possibly something that happened at her university??

Would love to see more from Pip and how Rav would still fit in her life as it changes- that’s real.

Who do you want to see given another outing or second chance?

I’m super disappointed I wasn’t able to include any LBTQIA+ couples but I think that’s because there’s less presence of couples full stop in MG (which is a good thing) and I don’t read lots of YA. Can you recommend me your favourites?


13 thoughts on “Six for Sunday- Couples who need a sequel

  1. Some brilliant choices in here! And I’ll never read another YA romance the same way again now I’m thinking about them all being years down the line with children and arguing over them 😂😂
    One of my fave LGBTQIA couples are Simon and Blue from Simon Vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda, and I also love Finch and Hector from Flying Tips for Flightless Birds an awful lot. Noah and Harry from Simon James Green’s books are darling as well. I’m so excited to read his new one soon!
    Amy x

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    1. Yes as someone further down that road even the most romantic couples will end up having silly tiffs over whose turn it was to do something and often the quirks you giggle or muse over will end up irks once the oxytocin wears off!! ☺️ I sound awful I know but I sometimes do wonder

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  2. Great choices! And it is a good point that romances in books may not be quite as romantic years later, lol. I found it really hard to choose couples and even harder to choose LGBTQIA couples because it often meant giving out spoilers which I was trying to avoid. I generally prefer it when the focus is on friendship rather than romance, but a little bit of romance can be nice sometimes too!

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    1. I don’t mind a little romance if it builds organically- I get annoyed at stories where romance is an add-on because it’s expected so it’s insta-love with first random warm body.
      I don’t mind hate to love romances if they are Bennet/Darcy genuine pride/misunderstanding/pomposity in the way but I wonder about the health of a sniping/argumentative relationship down the line and what messages that’s giving young people about loving relationships.
      {mum hat on basically!}

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    2. I agree completely with both your points! I like slow-burn relationships which build up realistically and don’t get in the way of the plot i.e. Let’s have this angsty, heart-to-heart conversation in the middle of being attacked by a humungous monster. I sometimes like the hate-to-love trope, but only if it is done well – if the person is just genuinely nasty then it definitely isn’t sending healthy messages! They have to at least be fondly bickering relationships or one where one party realises that they were terrible and changes their behaviour.

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    3. Yes- kinda along the lines of that Beauty and the Beast song ‘He was mean and he was coarse and unrefined, but now he’s dear, and so unsure. I wonder why I didn’t see it there before’

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  3. Definitely with you on Arianwyn and Colin, but Fliss and Colton I could have done without and Jupiter and Fen…hmmm, I see what you mean but I still say friends!
    I’d have been useless at this prompt, I don’t do romance either and totally with you on the cynical years-from-now team!

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    1. I don’t know- I don’t necessarily want Fliss and Colton to get all lovey dovey- it’s more that I think Colton’s life experiences mean he isn’t one of those ‘boys’ on the island fawning over a pretty face and Fliss realises there’s more to flirting- whether a romance occurs or future relationship at all I like the trajectory of growth that Colton creates in Fliss and then Fliss’ attention healing Colton that he can be worthy despite his past. The resonance with each other is intriguing more than an outward display of affection. ??
      Jupiter and Fen is a fun one- I think there’s something there even if just from Fen but I doubt anything would happen because it’s Morrigan’s story plus religious types having the angst at bestiality in children’s books!!
      I do want to see how the passionate dynamic works out when as Dr Iannis said in Captain Corelli’s mandolin ‘the fire burns out… are you grown together or apart’ like two trees planted too close together.


    2. I love that way of looking at it.

      Jupiter and Fen is almost worth it happening just FOR religious types getting angsty about it 😂
      And you do make some good points about Fliss and Colton, definitely a potential romance that is well integrated into the plot and not for its own sake and I suppose it would be interesting to see whether the effect they have on each other is lasting or whether their differences would be too much for anything lasting.
      I’m just so unromantic, I see characters starting to eye each other up and no matter how well written/suited/fitting to the book, I still sigh a bit!

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    3. Regarding Fliss and Colton this is exactly why I want to see where it goes- what does this bring to them and is it just hormones/the situation/ his ‘difference’ to the easy prey island boys- they don’t have to end up together I just want to see them circle around each other for a bit and see what it brings.
      And yes could you imagine the outrage, it would be so funny 🤣

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    1. These are all relatively recently older Middle grade and Young Adult books and are all fantastic 💜
      I hope you give one of them a go, there’s a mix of contemporary and a bit of magic in this list.


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