Top Ten Tuesday – My Summer Reading 2019

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly book blogging initiative hosted by The Artsy Reader Girl with new themes each week.

This weeks theme is Books On My Summer 2019 TBR

Ok so first of all I have to direct attention to my #20BooksofSummer challenge which is attempting to clear my small bookcase of purchases from personal recommendations that I haven’t got round to for one reason or another. That counts as one here.

However, the books on that list are all at least a couple of months old and some a lot older.

So the remaining 9 will be concerned partly with books I have been sent/being sent for review and partly I am I hoping to get in July

Book cover for Longest night of Charlie Noon
Cover artwork by Matt Saunders Cover Typography by Joel Holland

The Longest Night Of Charlie Noon – Christopher Edge (Nosy Crow) *

It’s been universal praise for Charlie Noon, I haven’t read any detailed reviews yet as I want this one to be a surprise but I know its context is about time playing tricks on 3 children lost in the woods. That’s enough to make me very happy!

Book cover for The Impossible Boy

The Impossible Boy- Ben Brooks (Quercus 31st October) *

This will be a Christmas in July book, my one unseasonable book thanks to being sent a proof! This is Ben Brooks’ first childrens novel after his immensely popular Stories for Boys who Dare to be Different.

It’s concerned with the story of two children who may have imagined a boy into existence and try to help him whilst he is being chased down by shady mysterious people for being Impossible. Can they save their new friend, save the Impossible all in time for Christmas?

Cover for Ariki and the island of wonders

Ariki and The Island Of Wonders – Nicola Davies illustrated by Nicola Kinnear (Walker July 4th)

Moana is probably Tinyfae’s favourite Disney film and an illustrated early chapter book set within a Polynesian context appeals both to my mind and to curate her future library too.

As the author is Nicola Davies you also know the research and attention to detail will be top notch. If this is good I will certainly get book 1 too!

Book cover for under a dancing star

Under a Dancing Star – Laura Wood (Scholastic July 4th)

A prequel to Much Ado about Nothing reimagined in 1930s Italy- that is enough to sell me this book. I have been deathly jealous of anyone who got a proof!!

Much Ado About Nothing is a favourite play of mine especially the Branagh adaptation to film in the 1990s 💜 but then to set in the interwar period with the storm clouds of war gathering, the fascist regime of Mussolini in Italy and the desperate hope for peace amongst anger and grief from The Great War. In the words of Veruca Salt – I want it NOW!!

Book cover for way of the waves

The Way of the Waves- Dr Janina Ramirez illustrated by David Wyatt (OUP 4th July)

I adored the first Riddle of the Runes book for its thoughtful and historical representation of a Viking community and culture within a mystery plot that Alva our young protagonist must solve. This book will pick up where the last ended with Alva deciding she must continue her quest to find her father over the waters.

Book cover for The Lost Tide warriors

The Lost Tide Warriors- Catherine Doyle (Bloomsbury 11th July)

Gosh I’m looking forward to the sequel to The Stormkeeper’s Island so so so much!! I was lucky to read the opening chapters as an excerpt on Netgalley and where we left off means It’s been excruciating waiting to find out what happens next!!

Book cover for the Iron Man edition illustrated by Chris Mould

The Iron Man – Ted Hughes and Chris Mould (Faber 1st August) *

No not Tony Stark Iron Man (I love you 3000) I mean the modern fairytale written by Ted Hughes in 1968 challenging the warmongering attitudes of humankind.

There’s a whirl of excitement about this reissue of the classic children’s tale for its illustrations have been put in the hands of Chris Mould whose work has been especially great as both covers and internals such as in Matt Haig’s children’s books and Martin Howard’s The Cosmic Atlas Of Alfie Fleet.

Under Earth Book cover

Under Earth – Ellen Renner (Nosy Crow 1st August)

I really enjoyed Storm Witch, a Fantasy Tale seemingly lost in time with children blessed with gifts from the elements and pirates who have turned to the water after their lands fell into the sea.

Storm is the first weather Witch in generations, only the eldest in the village can remember the last one from when she was a little girl so whilst grieving she has struggled to control and come into her powers. Now she has demonstrated her gifts and must go with the men of the village to the sea to trade, but the Drowned Ones are out for revenge.

Book cover for The Switching Hour

The Switching Hour- Damaris Young (Scholastic August 1st)

Aaaaaah this looks so very awesome!! This book tells of a village community that during a terrible drought must be inside and locked doors before twilight or the Badeko will come and eat their dreams and make the village forget them within 3 Days but left with a Sorrow Sickness that consumes them without knowing why. But one night Amaya’s brother is taken by the Badeko and she must journey into the woods to get him back before she forgets him.

Aaaaaah!! With touches of The Village (M Night Shyamalan) and a dab of The twistedness night visitors of The Peculiar Peggs Of Riddling Woods by Samuel J Halpin I cannot wait.

What have you chosen for your summer reading?

Have you read anything here or on my 20 Books of Summer?

Books indicated with an asterix* are those I have been sent for review by publishers or through a scheme on another website.

21 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – My Summer Reading 2019

  1. The Longest Night of Charlie Noon is brilliant. I really think you’ll like that. Very excited for a few of the others mentioned too, e.g. Under a Dancing Star, the Lost Tide Warriors and especially Under Earth. Did you read A Sky Painted Gold last year? I really enjoyed that, and I think you would as well!
    Amy x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The Longest Night of Charlie Noon is incredible! I’d love to do The Iron Man as a book study with my class – this version looks wonderful. I’m definitely going to get The Switching Hour and The Way of the Waves.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ariki and the Island of Wonders looks super cute! Oooh, the Switching Hour sounds great! I’m going to have to keep my eyes out for that one. Also, I love Chris Mould’s illustrations, and I didn’t realize he was working on the illustrations for The Iron Man!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I saw the Switching Hour and thought you would like that one. Chris Mould is amazing- they announced recently the cover and a few internals and I was so excited when this appeared as an option for me!!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I was scared to even look at your list this week – not going to lie LOL You are the only person that is actively putting books on my TBR like crazy right now. I don’t know a lot of other middle-grade readers, so ahhh this is fantastic.

    I think out of these – I’m most interested in The Switching Hour – that sounds very me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That makes me smile! The Switching Hour looks really good a great one to appeal to those looking for something a little dark and complex but not quite ready for the age jump of YA


  5. Under a Dancing Star has piqued my interest, despite not having read Much Ado About Nothing or having any knowledge of the history! I do love historical fiction though!
    Also ashamed to say I’ve never read Iron Man, so maybe now is the time!
    I need to read Storm Witch soon so I can read Under Earth too and I am of course looking forward to Lost Tide Warriors.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Iron Man is one of those books I know I did a project in school but don’t remember (for reasons not to do with the text)
      Storm witch is lovely low-mid MG and seems a bit too ‘good’ but stick with it, there’s a bit of complexity there.
      Oh and if you ever get the chance To watch Branagh’s Much Ado then DO!! It’s brilliant and has a cast of people who were already or went on to be very famous including a TERRIBLE accent from pre-speed Keanu!!

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