Little Spotlights-Ten Fat Sausages – Michelle Robinson & Tor Freeman

Ten Fat Sausages- Michelle Robinson & Tor Freeman

Group: Picture Books
Published: Andersen Press (2018)
Key Words: Black Humour, Sausages, Escape


Chipolatas Forever!! It is very Funny. I like it when the blender goes on and when they end up in the spaghetti. I like this book because you can sing along and join in!


I want sausages now. I like the funny sausages. I can read it- Hop! Hop! Hop! Chipolatas forever!! Oooh leave those sausages alone!

If you like the Black Humour Of Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen the you may well love Ten Fat Sausages which is a twist on the classic children’s counting song.

With each pair of sausages one goes pop! but instead of the other going bang! they say ‘Hang on a minute..’ and explain why they are going to run away and start to, but with continually disastrous outcome until the last pair pretend to go pop and bang and dance into a perilous tangle of spaghetti!

There’s lots of lovely repetition and rhythm so the girls like to sing along with the singing bits and join in with prompts such as ‘hang on a minute’ and ‘hop, hop, hop’ which gives it great value for read aloud in other contexts too.

The wonderfully chunky illustrations remind me a little of Bubble writing and 80s-90s children’s animation such as Raggy Dolls and Shoe People so it has a happy nostalgic feel against the darkness of the outcomes for the Sausages though it does end on an cheeky upbeat.

For those children tickled by dark humour this is a real treat!!

Ten Fat Sausages by Michelle Robinson and illustrated by Tor Freeman is published by Andersen Press.

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