A Moment with Toddler Interactive Books

I thought I would take a moment to share two interactive books that Tinyfae has been enjoying the last few weeks.

Tinyfae is particularly fond of a ‘fiddly’ book and has been delighted with these two recent acquisitions.

Bizzy Bear DeepSea Diver- Benji Davies (Nosy Crow)

This is such a fun addition to the Bizzy Bear series with an undersea adventure in a gorgeously yellow submarine.

Tinyfae loves a fiddly interactive book, and so do I for how they can be quietly educational. They are great for building understanding of cause and effect and especially for the physical fine motor skills.

This is an excellent and immersive example with hidden treasure and periscopes and more to discover and move.

I’ll tell you a secret Littlefae adores this book and similar still. I think they have a calming fiddly effect through the action of moving this forward and back, up and down and so forth it concentrates the attention like an act of mindfulness.

Feelings – Louise Forshaw (Pat-a-cake)

This is a super cute little book that helps young children to name emotions and their opposites and to differentiate between these emotions but is also really good for teaching slightly older children about facts and giving evidence for an opinion.

Each double spread is dedicated to one child’s day giving 4 incidents and then a choice of two opposites and a flap to change the face to suit the two emotions.

The youngest readers are encouraged to decide are they happy or sad, scared or brave, proud or embarrassed and so forth based on the child’s day.
With slightly older children you can ask why and encourage to extract examples from the first page to support their decisions.

It’s also got a great potential to use as as a book to help when children are struggling to articulate their emotions and this can help them think about what they are feeling or at least point to show.

Many thanks to Nosy Crow and Feelings was received through a review scheme. This has not affected my opinion.


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