Top Ten Tuesday – Littlefae’s Faevourite Characters

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly book blogging initiative hosted by The Artsy Reader Girl with new themes each week.

This weeks theme is Character Freebie (any topic you want that deals with book characters!)

Ok so I was trying come up with something different for this character Freebie, villains, sidekicks, ‘teacher/guidance’ figures etc and then it hit me whilst talking with Littlefae about books.

Whilst I do feel I have something to say about children’s books ultimately children’s voices are the most important and it is my end goal to incorporate more and more about the girls reading not just my own.

So here it is Littlefae’s faevourite characters with her comments and reasoning- they all come from illustrated children’s books some highly illustrated, some sparsely and in one case a mix of all three.

The Princess in Black from The Princess in Black Books by Shannon Hale, Dean Hale and LeUyen Pham (Walker Books)

“She is a Superhero!! She saves everyone from Monsters. She is Princess Magnolia and everyone thinks she can’t be a hero and can’t do anything but she can.

She tells me I can be like a Princess and a Superhero.”

Winnie The Witch from Winnie the Witch books by Valerie Thomas (Picture) or Laura Owen (Highly Illustrated Early Reader) and Illustrated by Korky Paul (OUP)

“I like that she is a Witch. She rides on a broom and she is magic so witchy girls can do Anything!! Winnie is silly sometimes but she gets there in the end- it’s ok to mess up just keep trying!!”

Claude and Sir Bobblysock from Claude books by Alex T Smith (Hodder)

“I like Sir Bobblysock he is a sock and it’s fun to say Bobblysock (giggles) Bobblysock! He is silly and funny.”

“Claude is a dog, I like him. People like him because he is a nice dog. I liked it when he walked on the tightrope it’s really clever.”

Isadora Moon from the Isadora Moon books by Harriet Muncaster (OUP)

“Oh she is my favourite. So like her she is half fairy and half vampire but a nice vampire, I don’t like scary vampires. She is really sweet and really friendly. She gets into trouble sometimes, but she doesn’t mean it so she does her best to fix it. It’s ok to mess up sometimes as long as we try to fix it.”

“I like her mummy she is a fairy and has pink hair” {looks meaningfully at me}

Amelia Fang, Florence and Prince Tangine from Amelia Fang Books by Laura Ellen Anderson. (Egmont)

Tinyfae interjects: Amelia Fang!! She is the best vampire of ALL!!!

“Amelia is a nice and good vampire. She is always trying to be nice even when people are being horrible like Tangine in Barbaric Ball or Frankie ALL the time. She is a bit like me- she gets worried that things will go wrong she gets nervous.”

“Florence is very funny! She has a LOUD VOICE!! ‘AH WHY DO I ‘AVE TO BE THE UNICORN?!?!’”

“People are mean and think she is just a beast but she is Actually A RARE BREED OF YETI!!! She can do anything!! Just because she is a big yeti doesn’t mean she can’t do things- she can sing so beautifully she puts a spell on unicorns, she does ballet and she is strong and a good digger! She’s brilliant!”

“Tangine is like Isadora Moon he is half fairy and half vampire. Tangine’s mummy is a fairy and his daddy is the King of Nocturnia- so Tangine will be King when he grows up, {whispers} I hope that Amelia will be his Queen.”

“Tangine learns to be nice even if he still is a spoilt sprout sometimes though it’s funny when he is fussy and bossy.”

“He likes to be FABULOUS and dresses up. I think he is the best in Memory Thief because he thought of Amelia and was worried about her and helped her even though he was poorly. It shows he really cares.”

Princess Poppy from Princess Poppy books by Janey Louise Jones Illustrated by Jennie Poh & Veronica Vasylenko respectively(Peppermint,Picture Corgi Young Corgi & Eden Cooper)

“Poppy isn’t a real princess she is an ordinary girl but she thinks every girl can be a princess. She is really good and lovely.”

“I like the new book where she gets everyone to change and do things to help the bees and I like the old stories because she tries to be kind ALL the time and tries to help when things go wrong. I can’t wait for the next book!!”

Tally – The Trapdoor Mysteries books by Abie Longstaff illustrated by James Brown (Orion)

“Tally is really clever she taught herself how to read and she can do engineer things like the smelling nose and night vision goggles. She is really good at solving puzzles. I want to be good at those things!”

“She solves all the problems at the Manor even though she is treated badly and has to sleep in the sink.”

“She unravels Secrets such as {spoilers spoilers} and is trying to find her mummy again.”

Tomas Liffy from The Boy who Grew Dragons series by Andy Shepherd illustrated by Sara Ogilvie (Piccadilly Press)

“Tomas is sweet he gets a dragon friend from his Grandad’s garden- a dragon fruit tree- we don’t have a dragon fruit tree in our garden we have apples, yummy raspberries, scrummy pears, cherries and Miracots that’s my special tree my sister has a Mirabelle plum but hers doesn’t have any fruit on it, but that’s ok mine does and I can share with her”

“His dragon Flicker is cheeky and he poops everywhere!! And Tomas has to clear up!!EUrgh!!! It was yucky when Flicker pooped in Tomas’ PE kit and meany Liam called him names but Tomas is a nice boy, he is kind.”

“He loves his grandad and sister who he calls Lollibob- that’s funny to say! lollibob!”

Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam from The Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam books by Tracey Corderoy and Steven Lenton (Nosy Crow)

“They were naughty robbers but they changed and became bakers making lots of lovely buns and cakes. I like cakes.”

“They also solve mysteries like me I like playing detectives. They stop other naughty animals because they know it’s wrong now!!”

Maya from The Magical Kingdom of Birds books by Anne Booth Illustrated by Rosie Butcher (OUP)

“I like Maya because she finds the hero inside herself. She is really kind but she is not silly, she looks carefully. She doesn’t use magic she uses her brain to solve problems and I would like to fly on Patch’s back like Maya that sounds fun!!”

“Maya can’t walk well but she doesn’t let it stop her. She is really brave and wants to save the magical kingdom of the birds- I want to save it too, I like playing Magical Kingdom of the Birds at home by myself and also with my friends at forest school, I would be a good fairy witch and help Maya and Princess Willow”


What characters are your favourite?

Are you familiar with any of Littlefae’s faevourites??


20 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Littlefae’s Faevourite Characters

  1. OH MY!! Winnie the witch!! I completely forgot about her. That book cover just gave me a huge flashback. Thanks for helping me remember of something from my childhood! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, I’m incredibly proud of her 💜 and it does sound like it relates as I think many of these characters show a little of her personality!


    1. Oh Amelia Fang is wonderful, the sweet side of twisted their other best friend is a baby grim reaper who has anxiety issues.
      Her dad wears Hawaiian ‘graveyard’ shirts and her mums eyeball keeps popping out when she’s excited. It’s full of fun and mirth. They have JUST come out in the USA or about to and have the most beautiful dreamily gothic covers.
      We had a blast with this blog post, ill have to get her to do this more often!!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Oh my gosh, I love the idea of a baby grim reaper! That sounds too cute. xD

      You should! It was a lot of fun to read and just too cute. I’ve tried to do similar things with my daughter, but she’s just no fun whatsoever, so I’ll live vicariously through you and yours. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

    3. I shall try, she was giving short answers at first but really got into steam by the time we got to Isadora Moon so I will have to get her at the right time!!

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