Early Chapter Books – Funny Books Celebration

These past few weeks we’ve been quite lucky with some amazing new and upcoming Early Chapter Books both purchased and from wonderful publishers.

This is a quick celebration of the different books with a funny theme that Littlefae and I (and some Tinyfae has too) have enjoyed in June and early July.

These are all perfectly aimed at the emergent reader especially for those lacking in stamina or confidence to tackle early chapter books who want something funny but may not want or get on with the widely available reluctant reader offerings such as celebrity books about ball-sports, ponies or focusing on fart jokes and being rude about people.

Help! I Smell a Monster- Justin Davies & Kim Geyer (Orchard)*

Help! I Smell a Monster

A dash of the absurd rather than macabre and more humour this is a series with some dark peril but no nasty outcomes for sensitive children (ghouls are the worst scary bit) this is a fun opening to a new early chapter- lower middle grade series with much potential for adventures and mischief that encourage children to be brave like Alice whilst enjoying the world of monsters.

Pleasantly eccentric and joyously silly this is a very upbeat read for such a ‘horror’ context and characters. We had fun and I would be happy to read more of Alice’s Adventures with Uncle Magnus and his monster recruitment company even if my Scottish accent is rather ‘interesting’.

The Squurms at No 322 – Kes Grey & Chris Jevons (Hodder) *Squurms

This book is part of a reissue of the 2005 book Nelly The Monster Sitter: Grerks, Squurms And Water Greeps truncated into individual stories and brought up to date with fresh modern illustrations by Chris Jevons in a highly illustrated early chapter format that has seen success with books such as Amelia Fang.

A resounding success from both the girls a delight in silly and playful funny stories with a monster twist even though we haven’t read the first story in the series, and we quite liked that Nelly gets hoist by her own petard for underestimating the young Squurm!

My Babysitter is a Robot! – Dave Cousins and Catalina Echeverri (Stripes)

This really is a cute story with Dahlian shades as the children plot to get rid of the robot babysitter their grandmother has built for them. Robin is rather eccentric looking with a long beard (to hide the joins) Barbie rollerskates and one of Nan’s vibrant coats which is SOOOOO embarrassing to Jake and Jess. Furthermore he can access their homework via built in Wi-fi and do a body scan to prove if they are ill or just claiming to be which particularly messes up Jake’s plans for playing video games non-stop.

However once rid they realise just how brilliant he is and hatch plans to get Robin back for good. We are keen to see what happens in the next instalments!

The Wrong End Of the Stick – Phillip Ardagh & Elissa Elwick (Walker Books)Stick & Fetch

Sally Stick and her dog Fetch (who can talk but only Sally can understand him) live with her grandmother and have formed their own detective agency, though girl Stick feeling very grown up and purposeful often gets the wrong end of the proverbial Stick leading to humorous adventures which surprisingly turn out fine for Stick and Fetch in the end.

There’s sort of a mash up of typical slapstick ‘missed the point’ stories a little bit of Inspector Clouseau which makes children giggle especially if they can see what went wrong.

Littlefae enjoyed this book and it’s predecessor each with 3 bitesize short stories of well-intentioned chaos and sweet misunderstanding.

Dirty Bertie: Slime and Grime 3 in 1 David Roberts written by Alan MacDonald (Stripes)

This is our first outing with Dirty Bertie, I admit this isn’t something we would normally pick up as Littlefae has a bit of a OCD with hand washing- however she thought this was really funny and has asked for more stories about Bertie!

Everyone knows or knew a kid like Bertie, the ones who just can’t keep clean and tidy no matter how hard they try they’ve always got some unidentifiable substance on their face, grubby hands and a tatty head- but instead of making fun Bertie is made our hero even if he doesn’t always win and isn’t always right we are swept away by his playful attitude.

Many thanks to Walker 💜 and Stripes 💜for sending us some amazing books to review and books indicated with an asterisk we received through a review scheme on another website. This has not affected my opinion.

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