Little Spotlights- Noodle Head! – Giles Andreae and Lalalimola

Noodle head! Giles Andreae & Lalalimola

Group: Picture Book
Published: Puffin (2018)
Key Words: Childish disagreements, Silly Names, Sharing, Kindness

Littlefae says:

The words were mean but they were very funny I laughed. My favourite naughty one was ‘ninny knickers’ but they all made me laugh. They were happier when they said nice things like ‘twinklebum’ that’s a bit cheeky and it made me giggle.

Tinyfae says

Lets be special to each other 🥰

Ok, first of all, if you have a child that has a problem with calling names or teasing (either doing or on the receiving end) THIS IS NOT the book for you!!

BUT if your child has the kind of humour that appreciates silly humour, maybe a touch of Triangle by Mac Barnett & Jon Klassen then you may see them giggling over the insults.

Two friends fall out over the failure of one to share and the response is escalating insults until they realise that it’s much better to share and be kind to each other prompting escalating kindness in response.

I like the way the insults are turned upside down by the end and turned into kind statements about each other and the characters came to their own decision that it wasn’t nice to be unkind rather than an external intervention.

This encourages children to reflect themselves on whether behaviour is kind or acceptable rather than wait for adults to point it out.

It’s terribly funny and the illustrations by Lalalimola are super cute in their bright and graphic style. As I said not one for easily led children who would copy the insults but for those children who would be doing that cheeky gasping then giggles at the naughtiness then it is pretty much perfect.

Noodle Head! By Giles Andreae & Lalalimola is published by Puffin.

6 thoughts on “Little Spotlights- Noodle Head! – Giles Andreae and Lalalimola

    1. Yes! It’s brilliant, I love it and I think you all would too!
      We’re going to a Morag Hood event tomorrow and I’m so nervous as I’ve never been to any bookish stuff like this before!

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