Pausing for WWW Wednesday 24/07

WWW Wednesday is a meme hosted by Taking on a World Of Words that simply asks three questions.

What are you currently reading?

Book cover the true colours of coral glen
Cover by Jamie Gregory

The True colours of Coral Glen – Juliette Forrest

This is a very different style and pace from what I’ve been reading so far and I’m just taking the time to float about in the colours and alternative vibe about this book.

What did you recently finish reading?

Book cover The Unicorn Quest
Illustrated by Matt Saunders

The Unicorn Quest -Kamilla Benko

I thoroughly enjoyed this magic between worlds novel last week with quest for missing sisters and stolen artefacts and am itching to read the next one.

Book cover for Milton the Mighty
Illustration by Alex G Griffiths, Cover designed by Helen Crawford White

Milton the Mighty -Emma Read Illustrated by Alex G Griffiths

This gorgeous story teaching education over panic about conservation and environmental respect and is a good analogy for the power of the internet.

Witches (Un)Welcome – Kaye Umansky Illustrated by Ashley King

I thoroughly enjoyed this third book in the series which although I enjoyed a Wish for A Witch this is certainly back to the wonderful magic of a Witch for a Week.

I love the childish nature of Magenta Sharp against the solemnity and hard work ethic of Elsie- it reminds me at times of Edie and Saffy on Absolutely Fabulous and I loved how Wlsies dad had a lot more gumption this time. A book of growth and change but I hope there’s room for more adventures yet:

Illustrated by Becka Moor

Mirror Magic – Claire Fayers

I was bowled over by how twisted and deliciously dark this because it does appear frothy and light from the fairy land wishing magic mirror context. loved the escapades of Ava, Jasper as they struggle to find out who has been causing strange messes at their point.

Book cover Jemima Small v the Universe
Cover by Will Steele & Katherine Millichope

Jemima Small Versus The Universe – Tamsin Winters

Oh this book should be on all the curriculums, learning to love ourselves just the way we are.

Review to come shortly

Summer Adventures- Enid Blyton

A light and frothy look at short stories with a moralistic summery theme. Some wonderful tales of bravery and thwarting baddie will keep young children scared of fishing out more.

What do you think you’ll read next?

I’d like to prioritise a few more of my 20 Books Of Summer before the end of the month.

Otherwise I have a few dedicated reads including Check Mates by Stewart Foster for Primary School Book Club this month which is about a boy with ADHD who learns to play chess from his grandfather and it changes his life.

Have you read any of these?

What are you reading?

18 thoughts on “Pausing for WWW Wednesday 24/07

  1. So pleased you enjoyed so many of these, I am a big fan of quite a few!! I really liked Coral Glen when I read it last week- it reminded me very much of the Graveyard Book which was excellent. I’m so excited for you to read A few more of the 20 Books of Summer- there’s a few I’m really hoping get picked! The last thing I finished was A Sprinkle of Spirits (so much fun!!), I’m now reading Pulp (I can’t say I’m loving it so far, sadly… debating a DNF at this point) and then I’m really not sure what to read next. I was considering reading the Last Secret but when I think of picking it up I don’t feel excited about it at all for some reason, so I’m considering returning it to the library unread.
    Amy x

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    1. I’ve had fabulous book post this morning from Nosy crow. I have Anna’s War AND aaaaaaaah!! Under Earth!!! So excited!!
      Also from my other review scheme I have been sent a copy of Piers Today’s the Frozen Sea which means I have to get going on the Lost Magician (should’ve put that in my 20 Books Of Summer 🤣)

      I want to get hold of the Love Sugar Magic books- how old would you say they are suitable for? Is the Last Secret the Scarlet and Ivy series? I quite liked that one (I’ve read the first and last in the series – yes I know)

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    2. VERY jealous of Under Earth- can’t wait to hear what you think! Anna at War is absolutely wonderful. I must admit I didn’t like the Lost Magician but I really hope you do, and yes it’s the Scarlet and Ivy one! I like most of the series but there are a couple I found disappointing so I always slightly dread picking them up 🙈
      I definitely think you’d like Love Sugar Magic- they’re so much fun, honestly! I’d say they’re probably 7 or 8 plus? The covers look younger but they’re upper MG 😊

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    3. Brilliant on the Love Sugar Magic, I’m thinking for Littlefae to collect some witchy books for when she’s ready to take on MG herself.
      I liked this one the Last Secret was actually fun with its threat of closure and the peril of sneaking around the school to find a will to save the school from closure and there’s a lovely shift at home thanks to the girls being sent home for a week and they discover a terrible secret about their stepmother!!

      I’m hoping the lost magician is a bit narnia meets never ending story (read to save the world kind of way) as i can get on board with that- and so so so excited to get Under Earth I cannot tell you!!

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    4. I’ll give Last Secret a go then, that sounds pretty interesting! The Lost Magician is definitely very Narnia- I didn’t think so personally to a huge extent anyway but I’ve seen some people suggest it crosses the plagiarism line a little bit…
      I really do hope you like it! I think my personal issues were quite personal ones to be fair- I didn’t like the Aslan replacement at all, and the siblings annoyed me, for example.

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    5. All I want to know about The Lost Magician is – is it as religious as TLTWATW? The Evangelical side of Lewis’ writing is what has always held me back from loving this series.

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  2. You’ve had a busy reading week! I’m finished school – but still going in to sort my class out for next year – so might get a few more books read. I loved The Lost Magician, and am hoping to be approved for The Frozen Sea on NetGalley!

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    1. I hope you have a lovely break and make sure you take time to refill yourself with good things to keep you going through that long autumn term when it comes!! I look forward to hearing your thoughts on your reading 💜

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    1. Oh thank you! These are awesome books and Witch for a week is just wonderful with the most perfect characters!! I hope you enjoy 💜


  3. The True Colors of Coral Glen has such a lovely cover. 😮 I have a hard time with books based around colors, though, because I never know what the nuances in shades of colors are. xD Oh, The Unicorn Quest sounds awesome! My daughter’s on a unicorn and faerie phase right now, so we’ll have to check our library for that one.

    Here’s my WWW post.

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    1. This is a bit different, it’s like the author turned the description up to eleven when describing an object as Coral sees colours more intently, almost like they are alive and refers to them by the many paint charts she has decorated her walls with- so the cat is Midnight Black, slug Trails are Looking glass etc- besides you will love it as it went all twisty and dark very quickly with ghosts, a murderers soul wanting to be released on Halloween and a quest to collect ghastly relics including cannibal bones!!
      The Unicorn Quest is lovely, quite deep I’d say upper MG and there’s not any unicorn in it (spoiler!) til the end as they’ve been hunted from the realm- fab quest though. 💜

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    2. I don’t know whether I should be concerned or not that you immediately think I’m going to love it because darkness and murder. xD My gosh, what do you think of me? 😛 And perhaps the worst thing is that that DOES sound pretty freaking great. Guilty as charged.

      Well, shhhh, I just won’t tell her that last part. xD She’ll have to find out on her own.

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