Little Tiger at the Discover Children’s Story Centre

Ok I’m a little late with this write up but I came down with migraines and an awful lurgy last week, plus HEAT and I’m still bunged up in one ear even today so let stop faffing and get on with things!!

I’m delighted to have caught the eye of the team at Little Tiger Press; Layla and Charlie are wonderful publicists, awesome book champions and lovely beautiful human beings who really gave us a warm welcome at this event I was invited to.

The Fae were invited too but for a couple of reasons (including self care regarding the anxiety of navigating the tube their first time & Tinyfae still really needs her buggy) I decided to do this one alone with the mindset of I can do this then I can do that which is how I’ve taken baby steps to cope with things that make me anxious!

Of course I realised halfway there from the route planned that as an ex-Londoner I could’ve done this with my eyes closed but then I’ve got to be kind to myself as I’m still rebuilding who I am after the trauma of my pregnancy with Tinyfae. Plus I met up with my mother-in-law after and I got to look in grown up shops without the whining ‘it’s Boooooring’ which was a bonus.

Many of our favourite illustrators adorn the walls at the Discovery Story Centre

The event took place in The Discover Children’s Story Centre in Stratford High Street down the road from the station and Westfield Shopping Centre and featured presentations by the amazing authors James Carter, Barry Timms and one of the girls’ favourites Tracey Corderoy alongside crafts and a signing opportunity.

It was a lovely afternoon because I got to meet Leilah and Charlie, the authors especially Tracey Corderoy who recognised my user name for how much we love her books especially Hubble Bubble and Shifty & Sam. I also got to meet Erin from My Shelves Are Full and her lovely daughter who was super sweet considering this weird lady was talking to her mum an awful lot!!

The Authors

After a lovely introduction from the Little Tiger team in which the passion for quality and enthralling children’s literature is strong we had the chance to hear the authors read their stories aloud to us.

Tracey Corderoy read to us her latest book Sneaky Beak Illustrated by Tony Neal

I loved the theme explored by the interactions between Bear, Hamster and the Sneaky Beak- We think we want new things but sometimes the old things are the best things- and a lovely nod to recycling too.

The children were invited to make rockets just like Bear goes in which was a very happy and industrious activity. Tracey is such a lovely and wonderful lady and sorted out some bits for the girls to recreate the activity at home which will accompany the full review.

Barry Timms then read to us his Where Happiness Lives Illustrated by Greg Abbott

Barry Gibbs Reading from his book

This is a brilliant tale dealing with the emotions of FOMO- envy and not being satisfied with what you have with beautiful lift the flap features and papercut art to peep through.

Finally James Carter was welcomed to share with us his story Once Upon a Star Illustrated by Mar Hernández

James Carter entertaining us

As James is a performance poet we were entertained with some music to begin calling upon the theme of 2001 space odyssey to fit with the Space theme.

Tells the story from before the Big Bang onwards to form our Solar System using rhythm, rhyme and even acrostic poetry.

We were then invited to join in recreating the Doctor Who theme which somehow modulated into The Pink Panther causing a lot of giggles from the grown ups.

There was much fun colouring 💜

Children were then invited to colour in whilst there was a signing opportunity which was wonderful as the girls were so excited to see their names in the books!

Discover Children’s Story Centre

The Discover Children’s Story Centre is awesome. If we were ever to visit Stratford again with my in-laws I would probably let my mother in law have fun shopping and I would take the girls here for a couple of hours.

The little hidden gem mine!

The aim is to encourage creativity and play with its story garden and series of interactive exhibitions across two floors.

After the event we had been invited to the special Judith Kerr exhibition in the basement which runs on strict times so we had some time to wander about. I know that both Littlefae and Tinyfae would have had a ball here from tiny rooms in the tree on the ground floor to the build your own story and gem mine on the second floor.

The Judith Kerr exhibition was a childlike joy with miniature shops, childsize cat flaps and recreation of scenes from famous books by the beloved children’s author.

We had a representative from the Story Centre tell us of their learning programme from the youngest storytelling time to enriching local schools in collaboration with in house storytellers and authors.

Thank you so much to Little Tiger Press, especially Leilah and Charlie and Rebecca (Thank you again Leilah 💜) who spoke to us with such inspiration about the Little Tiger’s passion for children’s literature, thank you to the authors and to the Discover Children’s Story Centre!!


4 thoughts on “Little Tiger at the Discover Children’s Story Centre

  1. Sounds like a great day, the story centre looks fantastic!
    Its always easy to say how doable things would have been with hindsight, especially once the anxiety has eased but I definitely think do this then that is a sensible attitude!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Do this then that is can feel like I’m being cowardly but it’s much better for my anxiety to have little victories than fall on my face!
      The story centre is absolutely amazing!! I want one in the village!!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Not at all cowardly. Anxiety is all about little victories and managing one small thing helping you realise you can manage another slightly bigger one. Or it often is for me.

      Liked by 1 person

    3. That’s what I’ve had to do, noting little victories gave me the confidence to move towards Do this then that- one day I might feel the fear and do it anyway!!

      Liked by 1 person

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