Six for Sunday- Perfect Poolside Reads

#SixforSunday is hosted by Steph at A Little But A Lot. Every week there is a bookish-themed prompt to inspire 6 choices.

This month focuses on Books and Holidays and this week the prompt is Perfect Pool Reads

Now, I’m not really a poolside person, I had naturally platinum hair until I was about 8 and whilst my hair has darkened since my skin still doesn’t appreciate being in sun too long. I’m Elsa with a dash of Claudia from Interview with the Vampire.

Bearing that in mind if I’m braving it outside anywhere I’m sitting in the shade and if inside somewhere nice comfortably I know holiday reads mean something different to everyone whether they are family drama, biographies, humour, romance, potboiler crime or non-fiction but to me they boil down to two genres and surprised to say I seem to have chosen more YA rather than MG.

Something contemporary bright and uplifting even if it deals with sadness and drama they have a sweet and bubbly quality and makes you feel you can do anything too.


Something gripping, Crime, Mystery where you HAVE to know whodunnit and (may) have the time to indulge the whole book.

The Relaxing Contemporaries

The Paper & Hearts Society– Lucy Powrie

With serious themes of anxiety, bullying and the perils of social media woven amongst a tale of embracing your best bookish self and starting over in a new situation The Paper & Hearts Society is like a big hug and will make you want to take a road trip across the UK!

Summer of No Regrets– Kate Mallinder

This is such a gorgeous read, summery, uplifting, heartbreaking and soul affirming in equal measure. A tale of 4 friends deciding to spend the summer before 6th Form College living ‘full tilt’ and with no regrets after some advice from an elderly grandmother.

A British Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants BUT much sweeter, down to Earth and more dependent on the girls inner development.

Under a Dancing Star– Laura Wood

Shakespeare, 1930s Italy, a love letter to Branagh’s Much Ado About Nothing from the fountain to the setting in this prequel of wits, innocence and destined disappointment. Find out what really happened between Beatrice & Benedick and glory in the sunshine and heady summer of the pages.

The Gripping Mysteries

A Girl Called Justice– Elly Griffiths

Elly Griffiths is a Queen Of British Crime for grown ups, and here she takes the popular trope of boarding school but adds her expertise to spin an excellent MG murder mystery with a formally home educated 1930s schoolgirl the star detective.

The Good Girls Guide to Murder – Holly Jackson

This is so good it stands up there with the best adult crime thrillers but is actually YA. An absolute cracker of a cold-case whodunnit with the indomitable Pip determined to find the truth behind a tragic local disappearance-suicide but someone doesn’t want her to uncover the vipers nest.

The Sharp Edge Of A Snowflake– Sif Sigmarsdóttir

Nordic Noir for YA this is set in Winter but perfect holiday thriller to get your pulse racing.

Inspired by Cambridge Analytica a amongst two very different girls struggling with the pinnacle and perils of social media, this is a blisteringly exciting read!

What would you recommend for poolside reading?


5 thoughts on “Six for Sunday- Perfect Poolside Reads

  1. Poolside reading for me (when I used to have chance to do some!) was always adult fiction. I read so little of it most of the time that when I’m on holiday I usually try to up it!

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    1. Exactly, but old habits die hard as it was either fluffy adult contemporary (which is probably why I am fussy/snooty about contemporary now!!) or a gruesome crime thriller even then!!

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