#20BooksOfSummer 12- Begone the Raggedy Witches Celine Kiernan

#20BooksOfSummer is an annual event hosted by Cathy Brown of 746 Books and runs from 3rd June until 3rd September With the aim to clearing a target of 5, 10 or 20 books from your TBR but with very relaxed and fun rules.

Here is my joining post & List!

Book cover Begone the Raggedy Witches
Illustrations by Victoria Semykina

Why didn’t I read this before!!!! I could cry for how good this is and how I have not read it, and how I have missed out on this book of absolute awesomeness!!!

I FLEW through this book in about 2 hours as I just could not put the book down!!

Magical Powers
Magical Lands
Evil Queen

The night Aunty died, the Raggedy Witches came for Mam, but Mup with the help of Aunty’s spirit stop her being taken away… so they went and took dad instead.

Mam, Mup, her toddler brother Tipper, the dog and discorporated Aunty go over the border into the magical world and Mup discovers her meek and mild Mam is the heir to a magical kingdom with awesome powers and her grandmother is the cruel and dictator-like Queen of it all keeping the people in misery and forbidden from using their magical gifts and many forced to speak in rhyme.

Both Mup and Mam want Dad back question is will Mam want to go home if they find him.

“All these years of feeling awkward and anxious and-gah! I could have been that! I could have felt like that!!”

Aaaaaaaaahhhh I loved this book!!! The magic, the world, the shapeshifting, the dancing and musical magic OH MY!! Reading this was like coming home.

All those amazing fantasy films they don’t make any more like Neverending Story, Ladyhawke, Willow? That. Plus something utterly unique and magical and earthy and folksy… with incredible cinematic style.

The magic, leaping across treetops, dancing in colour, shapeshifting and lightning in hands is exciting and gripping and talking in rhyme delightfully whimsical.

All the paths of the world opened out like a flower blossoming at her feet: all destinations possible or probable spread before her like a glittering net thrown over the world.

Whilst puppy Tipper is just gorgeous in his enthusiasm, Mup is brilliant and I love the fact that she is mixed race Irish and Nigerian but that isn’t what the book is about, it’s just referred to about how she looks like her dad compared to her brother. This feels like its moving to the way that Sharna Jackson said she yearned for characters of colour to have adventures without their race being the ‘issue’ of the book, in this case her awesomeness is!

I also adored the way that unlike in most MG books, the mother isn’t useless, absent or dead. She’s part of the action and she is utterly awesome and although yes, she does get separated from Mup to allow the typical MG plot development, the fact that it isn’t due to ineptitude, misunderstanding or uncaring marks this as wonderfully different and one that really pleased me to see.

Overall this is just so wonderful and I’m now itching to get my hands on a copy of The Little Grey Girl!!

The Wild Magic Trilogy: Begone the Raggedy Witches by Celine Kiernan is published by Walker Books in the UK and Penguin Random House in the USA

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