Top Ten Tuesday- Cover Illustrators I adore

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly book blogging initiative hosted by The Artsy Reader Girl with new themes each week.

This weeks theme is Cover Redesigns I Loved/Hated (submitted by Rachelle @ Shell’s Stories)

Sorry, instead of comparisons I’m going to sprinkle some love and celebrate some of my favourite cover illustrators, typography artists and designers- now there are many more but these are the ten that grabbed my attention when planning this so sorry if I’ve left you out!!


Thank you to these illustrators and so many more I haven’t had time to celebrate here for making books so beautiful on the outside too 💜. To amend a phrase from the new Mary Poppins the cover may not be the book, but it sure helps one take a look.

And we can all chortle at how bad I am at describing art!

Melissa Castrillon

The Queen Of Rococoesque swirly gorgeousness – add foiling and my goodness!


A Pinch of Magic, The House With Chicken Legs , Winter Magic, 13 Treasures, Tuck Everlasting…

Ben Mantle

Evocative worlds that grasp the imagination and fantastic especially at dragons

Website Twitter Instagram

The Land of Roar, The Secret Dragon, I, Cosmo, Little Red Reading Hood & Kiss the Crocodile, The Boy Who Flew.

Tom Clohosy Cole

Absolute Magician with skies, beautiful landscapes with a slight Manhattan- 1920s graphic Art Deco touch.


Armistice Runner, The Dog who Saved the World, Clifftoppers, Scavengers

Helen Crawford White

if you see studio Helen on your book it’s by this lady and she has had her eye and/or hand as illustrator or designer over some of the most beautiful book covers

Website. Twitter

The Girl Of Ink and Stars, The Light Between The Worlds, The Butterfly Circus, The House Of Light, Peril en Pointe, Snowglobe and more

George Ermos

Super versatile artist with a strong graphic look, stunning and evocative is the signature.


Brightstorm, Wildspark, Malamander, A Darkness of Dragons

Matt Saunders

Matt has a gift with light and chiaroscuro. His gorgeous covers often feature the viewer looking out from darkness into an incredible landscape.

Website Instagram. Twitter

The Unicorn Quest, The Bone Garden (US edition & I want it) The Last Chance Hotel The Bad Luck Lighthouse, The Longest Night Of Charlie Noon The Middler

Júlia Sàrda

Beautiful and a real feeling of hand inked sketching and lines comes across in Julias illustrations which are layered with detail.

Website. Instagram

Sweep, Mystery of the Clockwork Sparrow, Beetle Boy, The Liszts

Joel Holland

Hand letterer extraordinaire, some of the most evocative typography is from the hand of Joel


Princess Of Pets, Longest Night Of Charlie Noon, The Middler Max the Detective Cat

Hannah Peck

Hannah has an airy style and a gift for faces with a hint of elf about them which has created some gorgeous covers.

Website Instagram

The Midnight Hour, The Peculiar Peggs of Riddling Woods, The steam whistle theatre company,

How did you do with this week’s theme?

Any others you would recommend to me??

23 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday- Cover Illustrators I adore

  1. I love that you went with illustrators! I love Helen Crawford White’s covers! They’re so intricate and deep, while still looking somewhat simple and straightforward on first impressions. Matt Saunders is another one I really like. Great choices!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s even got a different title The cartographer’s daughter and it’s soft pastel/pencil drawing of girl running in woods it’s sweet but Helen’s version speaks to your soul!!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. They are wonderfully talented and so many more amazing covers I couldn’t fit in- I think that there is a super high standard for book covers now that is challenging to do even greater which is fantastic!


    1. ☺️ these are all amazing and the illustrators are fantastic. And although it’s not great for your purse it’s great for me to hear that I’ve inspired some reading ☺️ 💜💜💜


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