What Does An Anteater Eat? Ross Collins

There’s a Bear on my Chair is one of my girls favourites for its twisty humour and this certainly is a fun book and to tickle the humours with its surprises.

Book cover for What does an Anteater Eat

Anteater wakes up hungry but doesn’t know what he is supposed to eat. Anteater asks all of the creatures but they cannot help.. until he comes upon an anthill.

With simple but evocative drawings of crocodiles, bats and more we get a sense of how polite Anteater is as he asks nicely and doesn’t get angry as he gets no or silly answers. As Tinyfae puts is it he is a ‘nice anteater’

Image from the text

Using dialogue only is powerful as we get all of our tonal cues from the image rather than from the adjectives which is really fun and a great discussion point with the girls.

We had a great laugh with this, it’s great for read aloud as it can easily become a call and response with repetition of ‘Excuse me’ and has great opportunities for acting out too!!

What does an Anteater Eat? By Ross Collins is published by Nosy Crow thank you so much to Nosy Crow for our review copy.

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