The Spotify Book Tag

Amy at Golden Books Girl did this tag a little while ago which I really enjoyed reading and Amy said she would be interested to hear my responses so I thought I would give it a go. ☺️

Hit Rewind: a book you go back to again and again?

I do reread books but they tend to be emotional choices or seasonal books that inspire me to get into the spirit of the season.

However I am always happy to reread Amelia Fang books with the girls as they are so fun and creative, they remind me of the magical worlds I would make in my head from the creative foods to the special occasions.

Romantic Ballads: a book that gives you all those fluttery feels?

I don’t read a lot of romantic books to be fair it’s not the focus of a lot of Middle Grade, however the occasional YA book I read doesn’t always interest me for the romantic side plot as they always seem to be insta-love, struck by ‘gorgeous’ or not always the best suited match or would work in reality- they are often like a fast food, feel good in the immediate but not necessarily satisfying or healthy in the long term.

However, I really liked the small romantic side plot in Summer Of No Regrets with Hetal and Finn, the competitive start to their interactions growing into a mutual appreciation, respect and attraction to the whole person with shared interests, kindness & supportive attitudes and separate but parallel ambitions is a wonderfully healthy model for young relationships.

Release Radar: a new release book you are excited for?

A Pocketful Of Stars is on its way to me currently!!!!

I’m excited by the Time Slip qualities and mother-daughter complicated relationship. I do love a timeslip story thanks to Barbara Erskine’s adult fiction and although this isn’t medieval political it’s a more personal and 1980s set timeslip it really appeals!!

Discover Weekly: a book you haven’t read yet but want to discover?

I really want to read Nicola Skinner’s Bloom I’m fascinated by the idea of the ‘perfect’ girl growing flowers out out of her head and finding out she’s more complicated than everyone thinks.

Alone Again: your fave book genre to read on your own?

I’m a big fan of Middle Grade Fantasy in however you want to play it- Contemporary, Magical Realism, Quest, other worlds.

I also adore Mystery and Crime too!

Alternative: an indie book or author everyone should read!

I don’t read indie if by that you mean self-published after having read a few disasters I know it’s probably unfair but having been bitten a few times you end up giving up!

Cheesy Hits: a book full of cheese that you just love?

Oh goodness. I like cheese as the dairy product but cringe about it in books.

Summer Hits: a book you re-read every summer?

Before Littlefae was born I used to reread the entire Karin Slaughter Hearts County and then Will Trent series each summer when a new book would be published. However with the joint series running into double figures and after Pretty Girls upset me deeply when I was suffering emotionally after Tinyfae was born I don’t have that kind of time or inclination to reread that kind not amount of gritty crime thriller anymore.

Power Hour: an empowering feminist book or character you adore?

Middle Grade is full of empowered young girls right now that is awesome and I love the fact that my girls will have some awesome role models.

All Out 10’s: list ten banging books!

That is really hard as there have been some amazing books this year !!

I may have to borrow Amy’s idea and list my recent 5* books from my reading journal.

Deep Water– Lu Hersey
Begone the Raggedy Witches– Celine Kiernan
The Land Of Roar– Jenny MacLachlan
Anna At War – Helen Peters
The Switching Hour– Damaris Young
Under Earth– Ellen Renner
The Lost Tide Warriors– Catherine Doyle
The Girl who walked on air – Emma Carroll
Under a Dancing Star– Laura Wood
The Longest Night Of Charlie Noon– Christopher Edge


8 thoughts on “The Spotify Book Tag

  1. I’m so excited to hear what you think of A Pocketful of Stars, and I have Bloom on my TBR as well. I also read very little indie published books, mostly because of what happened with my first ever review request (which happened very soon after I started blogging and put me off accepting requests from indie authors completely!!). Really enjoyed your answers 💜💜
    Amy x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I have a blanket no self published policy after reading some nightmares from other bloggers and reading some disappointments myself including one through Amazon that leaves me triple checking books I’ve not heard of now that come through that scheme.
      Thank you! I can’t wait for A Pocketful Of Stars to arrive!!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Mine really wasn’t fun and it totally put me off! There are odd exceptions I’ve bought for myself e.g. Magical Masquerade which sounds amazing but I ignore requests as a general rule. It’s a shame for people who aren’t like this guy was but I’m not taking any chances after it!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I really enjoyed reading your answers, especially seeing what you chose for your ten bangers. Totally agree on the cheese!
    I keep saying I’m gii g to do this but as I barely keep up as it is its unlikely!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I said I was going to get some catching up done this afternoon but the girls were bananas (seriously funny weather does nutty things to children) meaning I got only a few bits done!! I totally get it!!

      Liked by 1 person

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