Six for Sunday Wish You Were Here Bookwandering Summer 19 edition.

#SixforSunday is hosted by Steph at A Little But A Lot. Every week there is a bookish-themed prompt to inspire 6 choices.

This month focuses on Books and Holidays and this week the prompt is Fictional places you’d love to go on holiday

I did a similar post back in February for Top Ten Tuesday and I really enjoyed the creativity of that And ALL of them still stand so I thought I’d add a few more based on books I’ve read since.

I got totally inspired by the idea of a fantasy Book Wandering Travel Company meaning all trips must begin at:

Book cover Pages and Co
Book cover by

Pages & Co, North London from Pages & Co by Anna James

To begin our adventures we must first of all Bookwander and of course as the Librarian explains, most bookwandering happens in Libraries or Bookshops so our excursions will begin by a visit to this cosy multi-floored emporium of Magic and wonder. Refreshments can be procured from the little cafe where Jack creates his beautiful book inspired cakes and bakes to inspire and satisfy your sweet cravings before your trip, and remember you can always purchase the ultimate memento of your trip, the actual book!

Day/Evening Trips

Ickworth House, Suffolk 1916

The Garden Of Lost Secrets by AM Howell

It would be lovely to stroll around the grounds of this wonderful grand estate in its hey day with the working hothouses and gardens as they were originally.

The Butterfly Circus -Gala Island

From The Butterfly Circus by Francesca Armour-Chelu

The destination of choice for the hardworking industrial workers of the mainland. Would definitely want to visit to find the Butterfly Circus and see Tansy and Belle in action!!

Longer Visits

Yoga Retreat – Rook’s Island

We Won an Island– Charlotte Lo

The Butterworth’s are making the most of their own private Scottish Island and I would love to go on one of the mums yoga retreats, yoga on the beach, homecooked food and beautiful vistas. Lovely 😊

Just be careful about the ice cream.

Clifftoppers Cottage

Clifftoppers series- Fleur Hitchcock

Could you imagine if the children’s grandparents ran a B&B?

Visits to the Standing Stones, ride across Arrowhead Moor, visit to the beach, poodle round the villages and not forgetting amazing baked goods by grandad….Best cream teas ever!! #CreamFirst

Turtle Island

Ariki and the Great Shark/Island Of Wonder by Nicola Davies and Nicola Kinnear

I loved these stories of Ariki and her magical gift of communicating with sea creatures, but I especially loved the Polynesian setting- I really adored the film Moana too for this kind of setting so it would be nice to visit this fictionalised version of the real world in a gentler way than real tourism and so appreciate the customs without endangering the environment or community there.

Arranged tour- The Unusual Travel Agency

The Cosmic Atlas Of Alfie Fleet- Martin Howard & Chris Mould.

This is a bit of an oddball in the list and it would be a bit of a meta experience to go on a Bookwandering Tour to go on a tour with another company!! I think it would be fun to go to the Hitchhikers meets Discworld creative worlds with The Professor and Alfie BUT

as long as we go for the premium luxury loveliness and no yuckiness or death risk package not the Sir Brenda the Valiant Quests nor Thank Goodness it’s Bonecrushers Budget option!!

Where would you choose to go?

Were you surprised by my selections?


9 thoughts on “Six for Sunday Wish You Were Here Bookwandering Summer 19 edition.

    1. Definitely! Wondering if it will be thematic you know the French collected fairytales of Charles Perrault – Cinderella (🤨) Little red riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, BlueBeard – Mother Goose stories.

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  1. Great way into this prompt! Though I have to admit since I wasn’t a fan of Pages and Co (seemingly the only bookish person who wasn’t!) I’d start my book wandering (I did think that was a good idea!) at the Book Emporium in Sylvia Bishop’s Bookshop Girl instead!

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