The Iron Man- Ted Hughes Illustrated by Chris Mould

The classic anti war tale of the man of Iron that brings peace to the world (not the I love you 3000 one though & thus this book is called The Iron Giant in the USA) here is reimagined for a new generation with The frankly outstandingly exquisite full colour illustrations by the amazing illustrator Chris Mould who has been the creative genius bringing to life such works as Matt Haig’s Truth Pixie books and Martin Howard’s The Cosmic Atlas Of Alfie Fleet

Ted Hughes’ The Iron Man has been a childrens favourite for decades originally published amongst the zeitgeist of anti-war and peace-loving counter culture of 1968 it captured the imagination of adults and children alike with its messages of quiet determination and striving for the greater good and an alternative universal message of peace.

Originally conceived as a chapter a night story to last 5 nights this illustrated edition is just breathtaking.

Chris Mould has taken a gorgeously muddy palette of earthy colours and shadows and I love the deliberate inclusion of texture with brushstrokes throughout. A gloriously smudgy, muddy, dirty, flawed and rusty, but worth saving world is brought to life under his fingers.

The space-bat-angel-Dragon Monster is beautifully created and this final chapter contains some spectacularly emotive images of the Iron Man burning and the monster singing the song of the spheres- beautiful.

Overall, buy this book, for yourselves, for your children, for other people’s children, for other people, for anyone.

The message is as potent and relevant today as it was in 1968 with a wonderful fresh look by the brilliant talent of Chris Mould and is absolutely worth it for the end papers alone!!

The Iron Man by Ted Hughes Illustrated by Chris Mould is published by Faber & Faber.

I received an early copy to review on another platform.

2 thoughts on “The Iron Man- Ted Hughes Illustrated by Chris Mould

    1. It’s gorgeous! We did The Iron Man in school I want to say Year 4 as I know the teacher really wasn’t into it!! I remember we got to watch the cartoon Iron Giant which is not like the book!! This is a perfect way to experience it for the first time!!

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