The Curse Of The School Rabbit- Judith Kerr

This beautiful little story is a short early chapter tale of a little boy, a rabbit, his sister and a series of disasters that ultimately create wonderful surprises.

Those looking for a lovely old fashioned illustrated story that would make a lovely read aloud for under 7s and a gentle and achievable early chapter chapter book for those not quite ready to jump to the longer less illustrated early chapter books.

Tommy has always hated Miss Bennet’s rabbit ever since it weed on him in Year 2. Of course his animal loving sister offers to look after the class pet whilst Miss Bennet is called away to her sick mother and yet somehow Tommy is stuck looking after it.

With side plots involving; heavy snow and sisters; broken fences; and dad and ‘Uncle’ Mike being out of work and trying to get a project together, somehow the Rabbit makes everything go spectacularly wrong and yet in that magical way everything go right too.

It’s one of those gloriously nostalgic tales about everyday family life, the good and the bad and the silly and the hope that even when things go wrong that sometimes it’s serendipity and the struggles only lead us to find things in ourselves we never knew before and light the way to the future.

With beautiful pencil drawings by Judith Kerr in her imitable style this really is a treasure for its warmth and humour and joy.

Judith Kerr’s magic touch is beautifully present throughout this story and I can see this being perfect for the run up to Christmas I can see readalouds and activities being arranged around this across multiple ages as there is a writing competition in the story too!!

The Curse Of The School Rabbit by Judith Kerr is published by Harper Collins

3 thoughts on “The Curse Of The School Rabbit- Judith Kerr

  1. I still haven’t read this. Younger books tebd to get sidelined as easily as YA which is ridiculous because they’re such quick reads! I might set asude one day a week just for younger reads…

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