Unicorn Academy – Julie Sykes illustrated by Lucy Truman

This is such a cute little series with a lot more punch than the Unicorn Magic/Rainbow Fairies that parents may inevitably compare them to. Littlefae was really excited to see a series about unicorns and I was so pleased to see diversity and depth to the stories.

I heartily recommend this gorgeous series for pony mad children and unicorn fans and although each book has a female protagonist so far, they all feature boys at the school to greater or lesser involvement depending on the plot.

And thank you to whoever decided to make them covered in holographic glitter they are so sparkly and joyful to hold!!

Sophia and Rainbow (1)

I thought this was a lovely book especially as Being the first in a series it had to work hard with a fantasy world building and getting readers engaged at the same time.

Sophia is going to train at the Unicorn Academy like all children in her world, but she is upset at leaving her pony behind and worrying she is betraying Clover by bonding with her unicorn Rainbow. However, through caring and uncovering and stopping a sinister plot she finds that her heart can grow to accommodate more love, and learns to bond with her special Unicorn.

This is a very important story outside of the sweetness and unicorn setting as it helps children to pursue their interests and stand up for themselves, but also that we can always make more room in our hearts for friends, or new people in our lives.

Freya and Honey (10)

This is a second year in the Unicorn Academy following on from the events with the first group of children including Sophia and the 4th of the Second year adventures. As such there is a spoiler for the first year stories in the very last chapter which is worth being aware of if you intend to read in order.

Freya wants to be an engineer but she is worried that she hasn’t bonded with her unicorn Honey so she is secretly making a robot for her, but the time spent apart is weighing heavy on the relationship. Whilst trying to keep her plans secret she stumbles upon a secret room and tunnel that is being used by the mysterious cloaked figure!

This has a quiet message about not neglecting those who care about you due to hobbies or new interests, that friendship takes effort even if you mean well like Freya did spending time making a gift for Honey, the gift doesn’t mean as much if the friendship is lost.Unicorn Academy books surrounded by pony toys

A great book for unicorn, horse and My Little Pony friends

There is a little peril to take on board but it’s done in a lovely soft and not scary way, it’s in a way that encourages the characters to be brave for their Unicorns, school and friends rather than potential nightmare fuel!! Littlefae is very sensitive to peril at the moment so it’s great to have a selection of books that is mindful of children’s fear but still entertains and engages.

What I also liked about this series was the diversity of the children on Unicorn Island with many readers likely to find a child that looks like they do, though for outstanding praise it would be nice to see a child with a physical disability included too (unless there is and I’ve missed it somewhere!!)

Unicorn Academy Books including Sophia and Rainbow; & Freya and Honey by Julie Sykes and illustrated by Lucy Truman are published by Nosy Crow

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