Happy: A Children’s Book Of Mindfulness – Nicola Edwards & Katie Hickey

This is such a good idea for a book. It’s sweet, soothing and packed with practical but not patronising advice that is accessible to even the youngest children.

Book Cover for Happy a Children’s guide to mindfulness

With September imminent, whether with the seasonal changes and for many starting or return to school looming can be a stressful thing for some, and over-stimulating for some too. Mindfulness is something that we are trying to encourage in the girls to help build resilience and this book is a great way to build some techniques for coping.

Littlefae was quite taken with this book, we have a box of ‘calm down’ books serving different purposes and this is worthy addition.

In some ways it reminds me of a cross between the practical techniques of Wynne Kinder’s Calm: Mindfulness For Kids with the peaceful immediacy of Each Breath a Smile by Thich Nhat Hanh, Nyugen Thi & Nyugen Dong.

This is in how each page is child friendly and bite sized DO NOW things not ponder over choosing or collect and make later activities.

It is an utterly unique book in that it can be read cover to cover as a meditation like Each Breath a Smile or opened randomly like an ‘oracle’ of calming down.

The beautiful illustrations by Katie Hickey are atmospheric and peaceful, you can lose yourself in the beauty of the pages which in itself is an act of mindfulness.

I especially love how it offers such inclusion for non-verbal and verbal, pre-literate and literate children and those who resonate more with different senses all can find mindfulness in these pages.

Happy: A Children’s Book Of Mindfulness – by Nicola Edwards & Katie Hickey is published by Little Tiger Press. Thank you so much to the team at Little Tiger Press for my copy.

3 thoughts on “Happy: A Children’s Book Of Mindfulness – Nicola Edwards & Katie Hickey

    1. Yes this is certainly not twee or contrived, it’s really calming and the words are instructions in a meditative way rather than airy fairy. The illustrations are worth a look alone.

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