MMU Marathon

As I had reflected on how much I want to complete certain series I’m setting myself an autumn challenge to read the entire Murder Most Unladylike series, in my own little #MMUMarathon.

I’m going to say by October Half-Term as I do have other commitments in between.

Yes I know they are slightly out of order, Littlefae was ‘helping’ ☺️

Does anyone want to join me? Or jump in where they are up to?

I’m incredibly embarrassed to admit that I have only read the first in the Murder Most Ladylike series by Robin Stevens despite owning the entire collection (all bought individually too!!) and these books being a beacon for so many things I adore in books; all-girls boarding school story(though not always); Murder Mysteries; historical fiction thanks to a 1930s setting; and a duo of girls who cannot help but be determined to uncover the truth.

A modern Agatha Christie you might say with the formidable duo of Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong how could I have missed this? Well I was ears deep in fantasy for quite a while, but as the schools in England are returning this week I thought what better a time to read the whole series from beginning to just published?

So here’s the list in the order I’m reading:

🔎Murder Most Unladylike

🔎Arsenic for Tea

🔎First Class Murder

🔎Jolly Foul Play

🔎Mistletoe and Murder

🔎Cream Buns and Crime

🔎A Spoonful of Murder

🔎Death in the Spotlight

🔎The Case Of The Missing Treasure (Not pictured)

🔎Top Marks for Murder

I will be posting reviews after reading too if anyone is interested?

I’d love to hear if any of you want to join in, have your own thoughts or if there is a Wells & Wong tag somewhere in the bloggersphere to do during the marathon too?


9 thoughts on “MMU Marathon

    1. I’m reading the whole series so I can see if I missed anything in MMU but thoroughly looking forward to this. I may even treat myself to a new notebook just for my notes on this!!

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  1. I hope you love this series, I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts. When you’ve read Arsenic for Tea check out my blogpost on the series – I included a link to my daughter’s Lego stop-frame animation of the book; I’d love to know what you think!

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