Early Chapter Delights

There have been some fantastic early chapter and highly illustrated young reader books publishing recently and we’ve been lucky enough to have had our hands on a few established series thanks to Stripes.

This selection were either published today or in early August so are all available right now and have prompted us to hunt out the earlier books in the series!!

Little Penguin Rescue- Rachel Delahaye (Book 3)

Oh my goodness we loved this book and I treated the girls to Little Lion Rescue because this series is fantastic for its blend of gentle narrative with excellent non-fiction.

Fliss wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up and she goes on magical adventures to save wild animals in danger. In Little Penguin Rescue she is transported from a snowball fight in her garden to the frozen landscape of Antarctica where she must help a baby penguin and his mother reunite with the rest of their group.

What I loved the most about this was the subtle and effective integration of educational information about habitat, species and care for wild animals including respect even if you think they are cute and want to cuddle them.

There is a wonderful environmentalist message embedded about conservation and action against climate change as we see the devastation that the penguins could befall if we lose more ice.

This series couldn’t be more perfect for my girls especially animal loving Tinyfae we will certainly be looking forward to Little Tiger Rescue in the Spring.

Star Friends: Hidden Charms – Linda Chapman Illustrated by Lucy Fleming (Book 8)

I’ve had my eye on this series for a while, combining friendship, magic and magical animals with gentle peril and adventure so I’m delighted to have had the chance to try the 8th book in this series and it’s a big thumbs up we will definitely be getting more of these!!

The Star Friends stories are about a group of young girls who are bonded with Star Animals and have special abilities that help them keep the balance of good magic in the world and keep the Shades from causing havoc.

This story follows on from the events of Moonlight Mischief and trying to discover who summoned the Shades that caused such chaos and what is behind some magical mischief that begins.

With a wonderful balance of magical adventure and social issues including the worries of friendship and growing up in this case the fear of impending SATS and secondary school and whether their friendship will survive different schools and new friends this are such wonderful pockets of joy for young readers.

Shine: Bethany Sings out by Holly Webb illustrated by Monique Dong (Book 4)

Holly Webb is a fantastic and prolific author of powerful but relatable fiction for children bringing positive messages of empowerment, kindness and responsibility whilst being keenly aware of the problems that children face.

The Shine series is one that Littlefae has been interested in for a while as she loves performing and this Stage School setting might be a series that would appeal to her soon. Each book looks at a girl in the friendship group and the challenges they face in achieving their dreams.

This book looks at Bethany who has been keeping her scholarship a secret through shame amongst her more affluent friends, but the cat is going to slip out the bag when she is selected to sing in a concert meaning she has to stay at the boarding house with Lizabeth. Bethany is worried her friends will not want to be with ‘the charity girl’ and gets herself in a proper muddle.

This is a lovely story about kindness, friendship and the real issues that children can feel fitting in amongst their peers along with the struggles that children from low income families face to achieve their dreams. A wonderful thoughtful with a backdrop of performing arts.

The Rescued Puppy and Other Tales Holly Webb Illustrated by Sophy Williams

This is a collection of puppy themed stories from the champion of Animal Stories that is Holly Webb, bringing super cute animals together with stories of responsible ownership. I love this series because it indulges animal loving children with cute animals but also gently reveals the realities and practicalities of being a pet owner without being preachy or patronising.

The Rescued Puppy sees Georgia and Adam on holiday in Cornwall and have to use all their wits and puppy training knowledge to keep calm and safe when their boisterous Puppy gets into trouble in a Clifftop walk.

The Lost Puppy sees Ruby concerned about her puppy’s yappy behaviour to bigger dogs persuade her mum to walk him in the woods instead, but when her little sister falls over Toby slips his collar and gets lost.

The Secret Puppy sees Daisy on a camping holiday with her family falling hard for the German Shepherd puppies especially the one she secretly names Barney, can she persuade her family to keep a ‘big’ dog?

This is a great selection of previously published stories with beautiful illustrations by Sophy Williams throughout. A gorgeous gift for dog lovers or in anticipation of a new family addition.

Many thanks to Stripes for sending us these wonderful books!

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