Notable Non-Fiction: How To Build A City- Isabel Otter and Harry Woodgate

THIS is just such an awesome book. Seriously this is the kind of book I would have spent hours poring over every single little detail and Littlefae is exactly the same.

If you ever played Sim City this book will be fascinating and nostalgic but it also has wonderful opportunities for education and understanding of how cities work, grow and thrive with an eye on the future too.

The book is divided into 8 Steps of building a city from Location and Energy supply through infrastructure to culture and going Green. These are interjected by pages on construction methods and the jobs people do in cities.

As the pages turn we see the city grow, Blossom and thrive before changing and becoming a green future thinking city and the challenge put to the reader it solve the potential problems of the future.

The magic however is in the beautiful illustrations by Harry Woodgate who is an immensely talented new illustrator. This entire book is exquisite from the use of colour to the graphic lines in construction, there’s something absolutely joyful about this book packing serious educational content.

It’s so perfectly laid out to draw the eye around the page without overwhelming and keeps feeling fresh and playful. I’m just in awe of how excellent this book is.

This book has a place in every educational setting but is also just an absolute joy to look through as Littlefae and I absolutely agree and I would 100% love to see more from this astoundingly talented illustrator.

How To Build A City by Isabel Otter and Harry Woodgate is published by Caterpillar Books an imprint of Little Tiger Books.

Thank you for my review copy 💜


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