Nuts- Lou Peacock & Yasmeen Ismail

Nuts is an excellent book for young children, it’s simple, sweet and playful illustrations.

It’s also perfect for educators to in a ‘Back to School’ mindset as it has lovely autumnal tones to set the mood but also has hidden practice for possessive pronouns with lots of entertainment value and a message of sharing and cooperation at heart too.

This is such a cute little book about two squirrels learning to share when they come across a pile of nuts- many parents, caregivers and educators will recognise the ‘My Nuts!’ Page 😩

The clever part is the minimal text and focus on possessive pronouns and the inky autumnal shades watercolour illustrations speaking for themselves.

We love Yasmeen Ismail’s work as we enjoy Kiki & Bobo books so it’s nice to see that familiar splashy layered watercolours style working perfectly here.

This book is a clever picture book because it delivers on so many levels, it teaches sharing and kindness alongside personal pronouns – making this ideal for EYFS classrooms but also for older children to write their own version of this story using the same pronouns structure!

This is definitely one for our autumn box!

Nuts by Lou Peacock & Yasmeen Ismail is published by Nosy Crow


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