Billy and the Dragon – Nadia Shireen

Nadia has done it again with another wonderful adventure with Billy and Fat Cat. We had such fun reading Billy and the Beast that we were delighted to hear of a sequel!

This time Billy has to go on a fantasy style quest to save Fat Cat with misunderstandings, indomitable spirit, problem solving and a lot of humour and fun.

Fat Cat is dressed as a dragon for a fancy dress party and is taken by a real dragon to the Deep Dark Forest and the Grimbly Mountains and Billy has to use all her wits to save him- but does HE really need saving?

I loved the way that the same forest creatures from Billy and the Beast reappear, the hedgehog, the Fox, mice and adorable bunny rabbits making a nice link to the original book and the colour palette is as rich and vibrant as the first.

There is plenty of humour as Billy’s attempts to save Fat Cat are thwarted on their quest with Fox’s commentary hysterical in his attitude of ‘oh well’ and wanting to get back to partying and Fat Cat’s faces are EVERYTHING.

It’s not a ‘serious’ book with heavy messages it’s a book full of fun and joy and giggles and that is sweetly refreshing. Of course books with deep messages have their place but it’s equally essential to find absolute joy and giggles and this book is simply perfect for that coupled with a black protagonist with natural hair is just a beautiful light hearted pleasure of a read.

This wonderful case of misunderstandings is a a fun and playful story with a gorgeously fierce black female lead and Tinyfae especially loves this book.

Billy and the Dragon by Nadia Shireen is published by Random House

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