Alice’s Wonderland Tea Party- Poppy Bishop & Laura Brenlla

This book just ignites children’s imaginations!!

Both my girls are huge fans of Alice in Wonderland, we even were at an Alice in Wonderland exhibition at the The Oxfordshire Museum in Woodstock, Oxfordshire the morning that this arrived and so it was met with lots of squeals from the pair.

The book is an imagining of Alice returning to Wonderland and holding a tea party with the beloved characters except this time she tries to hold a ‘nice, normal’ tea party, but as things sway from nonsense to normal, mundane to Magical Alice soon learns the value of imagination and wonder!!

The papercraft is wonderful with lift the flaps helping to propel the plot and a final large double gatefold revealing the final scene, it all adds a touch of whimsy and fun to reading.

Tinyfae immediately started telling her own story of how she would hold a tea party for the characters and so this book is fabulous for creative writing or storytelling prompts whether solo or collaborative and could be accessed by different age levels too.


I like the White Rabbit. Alice went down the hole but I want to go in the car and tell my mummy to take me straight down the hole, I’ll tell the Cheshire Cat not to disappear!!
I will bring Alice a lemon cake to the tea party and it would be funny but the Cheshire Cat must not smash my cake he has to eat it but not the March Hare he’s not allowed.

Definitely a hit and I would certainly recommend this book!!

Alice’s Wonderland Tea Party by Poppy Bishop & Laura Brenlla is published by Little Tiger Press.

Thank you to Little Tiger for my copy 💜

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